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Nonlinear Labs' C15 Digital Synth has landed

Nonlinear Labs' C15 Digital Synth has landed

Former founder of Native Instrument's reveals new digital synth...

Nonlinear Labs — the company set up by Native Instruments founder, Stephan Schmitt — has shown off its new premium hardware synth, the C15.

The C15 is a digital synth incorporating an all-new sound engine, combined with the aesthetic of a vintage instrument thanks to its wooden casing.

The core structure is a phase modulation synth that is based on two sine oscillators and two sine shapers only. Their signals can be passed through a comb filter, a state-variable filter, and a chain of five effects.

Nonlinear Labs have stated that the C15 is an instrument for players and performers — it's more than just a studio synth. The design is made to be simplistic and puristic, focusing on the quality of sound.

Another unique feature is that the synth’s parts can be controlled via an external device, such as a computer, tablet or mobile device, due to the inbuilt WiFi connector and not just on the synth itself.

Shown off last year at SuperBooth, the new synth is now available for pre-order directly from Nonlinear Labs.

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