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Poll Clubs 2017: EGG LONDON

Egg London DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs 2017
Egg London DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs 2017

Egg London's ongoing renaissance has been reflected in another leapfrog in this poll. Since entering at 99 in 2014, the club's rise has been largely down to a couple of clear-as-day reasons. Firstly, its increasingly strengthening booking policy is one of the most professional London — one of the world's most competitive scenes — has to offer. The past 12 months have seen the venue entertain an extensive list of the globe's most heavyweight underground talent. Pan-Pot, Sven Väth, Solomun and Chris Liebing are just a few names that sent Egg's techno-obsessed mentalists off their nugget in 2016, while megastar names such as Pete Tong and Idris Elba rocked the Friday night masses to the rafters.

Secondly, the clubs constant transformation — from garden to warehouse and back again — alongside its quest for the perfect, most powerful custom-built soundsystem (Flipside) has also marked it out as one of the capital's finest places to party.

Egg London also regularly serves as the London home for our DJ Mag Sessions parties and hosted our Best of British Awards party last December, where DJ EZ, Solardo and Alan Fitzpatrick all performed while the UK dance industry's leading figures (Carl Cox, Norman Jay, Night Czar Amy Lamé et al.) rubbed shoulders. Not only is Egg London one of the world's favourite clubs, it's one of ours too.


Poll Clubs 2017: PHONOX


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Phonox DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs 2017
Phonox DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs 2017

Here at DJ Mag, we get an extra warm feeling in our hearts knowing that a London club is officially the highest climber in this year’s poll. Take that naysayers! London lives on! In all seriousness though, Phonox’s ascension is testament to the hard work and business acumen of the Columbo Group, who own a host of London venues, including XOYO, which charted at No. 64. Previously known as Plan B, the Brixton venue got a makeover from its new owners, switching the booth to a more appropriate place and adding some minimal but snazzy horizontal lasers. Downstairs also got a refurb, giving it a proper seating area, and, since our last Top 100 Clubs (where Phonox first entered in 87th place), upstairs has also gained some space for R&R, neatly hidden behind a decorative screen. This frees up the club’s small stages for ravers to dance on high — and with the line-ups on offer, it’s impossible not to. Young star HAAi has been dominating Saturday’s with her ongoing residency, while the past few months alone have seen Best Of British winner Denis Sulta, electro whizz Helena Hauff, dubstep dons Mala and Khan & Neek, and celebrated former resident, Jasper James, take to the booth. South London’s number one…