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DJ Mag Presents

Baltimore-based producer, singer and songwriter :3LON launches their PLUR.net label with new single, 'Quantum Leaping'. Hear Mobilegirl’s remix now

The producer, singer and songwriter steps out on their own imprint 

The 'JUNGLE TEKNAH' producer will unveil a list of guests soon

The award winner announcements will kick off at 3:12pm GMT

Open from 1990 to 1994, it was the UK’s first legal 24-hour club

The new track samples 'Young Lover' by Cocoa Tea

The awards ceremony will take place at The Steel Yard in London on 16th December

Tokyo-born, London-based Risa T balances silky production with biting breakbeats on her debut EP for CoOp Presents. Hear the glossy post-dubstep cut ‘Lucky’ now

Glasgow-born producer SENGA will release his debut LP later this month. Hear the sinister keys and grimey atmosphere of single 'Bloodshot', and check out the track's mind-bending, AI-generated visuals now

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