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Martin Garrix showcased new material at Ushuaia: Watch

More power bangers from the G-man...

Martin Garrix revealed even more new material during his high energy performance at Ushuaia earlier this month, a night always crammed with showmanship, gargantuan drops, and spellbinding effects.

In and amongst it all he dropped the track we reported on earlier this week, affectionately known as 'That Tomorrowland Closing Tune' amongst those who have been paying attention over the last few days. 

In typical Garrix style, the tune in question — which has yet to be officially named, or receive a confirmed release date — is packed with the kind of punchy kicks that command feet and fist alike, and centres on a euphoric break that screams big stage summertime business. 

A follow-up to his current anthem, 'There For You', dedicated followers would do well to keep their eye on the man in question's social feeds for news of when this one will finally arrive. We've been told it should be in the next two weeks, no doubt adding yet another smash to an already burgeoning oeuvre that has catapulted the producer into the A-list of electronic artists in less than half a decade.

Take a look and listen below, then start counting the days down.