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Roland adds the Juno-60 to its Cloud plugin range

The classic analogue poly joins the Roland Cloud family

roland cloud juno-60
roland cloud juno-60

Roland has added the Juno-60 to their Roland Cloud range of synths and plugins and as part of their PlugOut format for the System-8 synth. The classic poly analogue synth was used on countless early house records and remains a go-to for lush chords and arpeggiators. Its famous chorus sound is also modelled on the new plugin, with both modes and the third ‘secret’ chorus activated by pressing both buttons at the same time. 

Both the high-pass and low-pass are modelled, with a switch allowing you to change the HPF to the Juno-106 version instead of the 60. There are also lots of new presets, with Roland’s Analogue Circuit Behaviour (ACB) technology powering the synth. The Juno-60 joins the Cloud family which already consists of models of the TR-808, 909, D-50, ProMars, JX-3P and many more. Find out more about the new Juno-60 plugin here.