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We meet 2017’s Miller SoundClash partners…

The Chainsmokers have been announced as 2017’s Miller Genuine Draft partners for Miller SoundClash. The Miller SoundClash champion will get the chance to perform ahead of them at one of Vegas’s best clubs. We caught up with the affable duo to talk Miller SoundClash and their meteoric rise to the top…

How did you get your big break in the world of dance music?

“Hmmm, not really sure how to answer that. Personally, we don’t think it was so much of a big break but more a specific moment that led us to where we are. It was when we created our song ‘Roses’. That moment for us is when we stopped trying to make music that fits in and decided to just do our own thing -make music we thought was cool. After the success of ‘Roses’ it really gave us the confidence and creative freedom we needed.”

How important are opportunities like Miller SoundClash when starting out as a DJ?

“Incredibly important, opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. Miller SoundClash is an opportunity that does not come around often and allows artists that maybe haven’t been able to break through, or connect with people, a huge chance to do so. At the end of the day your career as a musician is in your hands, but it’s important to get out there and this competition is a great opportunity to do just that!”

Can you remember the show where you were like...“Yeah we’ve made it!”?

“Haha we never have ever thought, 'Hey, We've Made it,' but at Lollapalooza Chicago we played a very important set and it was during that show we realised ‘wow this is all really happening, look at all those people out there singing and dancing to our music’, it was very special!”

What’s it like to perform in Las Vegas?

“It’s such a unique incredible experience. The best thing about Las Vegas is that everyone there is ready to have the best time which creates an incredible energy. The crowd wants you to succeed and that allows you to have a lot of fun!”

Have you ever had any moments in your lives when you’ve thought “I can’t believe I’m doing this!?”

“Well pretty much every show we feel that way, the chance to do what you love never gets old and every show we are reminded of that... To travel the world with our friends, to share experiences and make memories with our fans is something that we don’t think will ever get old!” 

What’s the best thing about being a famous DJ?

“Hmmm, like we said we are pretty modest about the famous DJ part, but the best thing is definitely getting to bring our old friends with us and just show them the best time, that and all the great food we get to eat when we travel!”

If you weren’t DJs, what would you be doing today?

“We aren't sure, Drew would probably be an entrepreneur and I [Alex] would likely be in the art world!”

Who is your favourite artist/DJ nobody has ever heard of?

“Well Wuki, he is blowing up right now! We also love Drezo and k?D at the moment, but there are so many great ones!”

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

“Top of the list would be Kanye West, just to learn his creative process would be so incredible, we would also love to work with someone like Lorde or Imogen Heap!”

What’s your favourite city to play in?

“Our hometowns probably, playing in NYC is such a good time and we just feel like we are surrounded by friends and family, but there are a lot of other cities close in the running! We just got back from South America and had the most amazing time!”

Is there a country with a local music scene that you love?

“Hmmm England has such a crazy underground scene, not just with dance but with grime, they really have exceptional taste with music and France as well!”

Do you have any tips for upcoming DJs?

“Make music that is compelling to you, if what you’re making doesn’t get you excited and doesn’t feel compelling go deeper... this shit isn’t easy and being creative and tapping into that stuff is even harder.... surround yourself with people that want to support you and push you and just never give up, if your passionate about this then you never will.” 

Any tips for the Miller SoundClash DJs performing live to a big crowd for the first time?

“Haha, well don’t burn the headliner! Have fun, if you look like you’re having a great time people will buy into it!”

Enter Miller SoundClash for your chance to open up for The Chainsmokers in Las Vegas.