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Pioneer DJ announce new controller for rekordbox dj

Pioneer DJ announce new controller for rekordbox dj

The DDJ-1000 adds a host of new features to the Rekordbox DJ line…

Pioneer DJ have released a new controller for Rekordbox DJ. The DDJ-1000 is the new flagship in their controller series, completely re-designed to mirror the rekordbox dj software. The DDJ-1000 features four channels, jogs borrowed from the CDJ-2000nxs2 – along with new full-colour circular screens – ten effects from the DJM900nxs2, Magvel faders throughout, dual USB ports, RGB pads for cue points and performance and more.

The four channels can also be used as an independent mixer when not connected to a laptop, with four line ins and two phono amps. Also borrowed from the CDJ range is the ‘Jog Adjust’ functionality for torque tweaking and the controller is dvs ready for any timecode vinyl or CD users.

The circular LED screen in the middle of the jogs displays everything from waveform and cue points to time remaining, what deck is currently active and the key and BPM info. It will be interesting to see if Pioneer DJ will adopt these types of jog wheel screens on the next version of the CDJ, given that Denon did just that on their popuar SC5000 player.

The DDJ-1000 coincides with version 5.1 of Rekordbox DJ, which adds new Auto Mix functions and an updated Related Tracks functionality, letting users find suitable tracks to mix into more easily. Pioneer DJ have been busy with new products coming all year, the latest of which saw the jog wheel removed altogether in favour of performance pads. It will be interesting to see what the CDJ-3000 has in store.