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Pioneer DJ add lighting mode to rekordbox: Watch

Pioneer DJ add lighting mode to rekordbox: Watch

The new mode supports their new RB-DMX1 hardware…

Pioneer DJ have added a new lighting mode to rekrdbox dj, as well as adding a new piece of hardware to support the new DMX output. The RB-DMX1 – priced at £349 – features a single USB input and a DMX out, allowing users to connect DMX-512 compatible lighting fixture.

Patterns can be automatically generated using new analysis features in rekordbox 5.1, but it’s also possible to completely customise and program your lights on a track-by-track basis. Given that the mode is integrated within rekrodbox dj, it’s also MIDI compatible meaning you can use any pads or controls from your dedicated controller to take over the lights during your sets without learning an extra piece of kit.

It will be interesting to see how many DJs adopt the new functionality and hardware, but given the ubiquity of rekrodbox and its more recent ‘dj’ feature, it’s likely to have many DJs re-thinking how lights can integrate with their sets, something they’d previously always left to the club’s in-house staff. Interesting times ahead for staff and DJs alike. If you're lready head over heels for rekordbox dj, their new interface and controller are both worth checking out.