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Mumdance is releasing his new 32-track compilation as a free download

Mumdance is releasing his new 32-track compilation as a free download

Out in November, the mix contains a wealth of exclusive and unreleased material...

Mumdance new compilation 2018 dj
Mumdance new compilation 2018 dj

Mumdance is releasing a new 32-track compilation, ‘Shared Meanings’, as a free download, featuring exclusively unreleased music by the likes of Bambounou, Space Afrika and Chevel. More artists featured on the compilation include JK Flesh, J. Colleran and Nkisi.

The pan-genre wizard is following up his Radio Mumdance series with this release, coming out on Wednesday 20th November. 

That series saw Mumdance play back-to-back with artists across a wide variety of genres, and this compilation will be similarly diverse. 

Fans will be able to pick up 'Shared Meanings' on vinyl or cassette, as well as a digital bundle of the separate tracks.This announcement comes just weeks after he released his visceral collaborative album with black metal turned electronic producer WIFE under the Bliss Signal monicker. 

The release's launch party will be held at Oval Space, featuring Speedy J and Logos alongside Mumdance on 23rd November.

There are few DJs that Mumdance would be inappropriate playing alongside, and having played with DJ Stingray earlier this year he also dropped a huge electro playlist with the artist which you can dig into here

Mumdance and Logos have a track on Shared Meanings, ‘Teachers’, and we interviewed the duo  a few years back to hear what makes them tick.  

01. SØS Gunver Ryberg - Flying 
02. Space Afrika - After They Entered It Was Only Evident 
03. Caterina Barbieri - Molecular Illusion 
04. Chevel - 777 
05. Monotronique - Bounce Yo Head 
06. Bambounou - Terraforming Is No Easy 
07. Szare - Sink Hole 
08. Hector Oaks - Dare To Care 
09. Mark Broom - TwoEightFour 
10. JK Flesh - Underpass (Weightless Version) 
11. Dino Sabatini - Bridge #43 
12. Metrist - ME Siphoning 
13. ASC - Termination Shock 
14. Homemade Weapons - Seasick 
15. Last Life - Ancient Lightning 
16. Torn - Loopback 
17. Abyss X - Allegory 
18. Sleeparchive - Smokestack 
19. Deapmash - Abstract Straight Lethal 
20. Mumdance & Logos - Teachers 
21. J Colleran - Infra01 
22. Boylan - Say Goodbye 
23. Peder Mannerfelt - Over My Face 
24. Galaxian - Viral Shredding 
25. Imogen - Katla 
26. Nkisi - Kinenga 
27. Chevel - Voices Sound In My Head 
28. Isabella - Rattle 
29. Repro - Lies of Commission 
30. D Carbone - Rush To Crash 
31. Tales Of The Underground - Bliss Overdose 
32. ZULI - SW Keys 

Vinyl Sampler 
A1 Mumdance & Logos - Teachers 
A2 Caterina Barbieri - Molecular Illusion 
B1 Peder Mannerfelt - Over My Face 
B2 Nkisi - Kinenga 
B3 Space Afrika - After They Entered it Was Only Evident