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Meatpack is the new 5,000-square metre club opening in Antwerp

Opening this weekend...

Antwerp is getting a new 5,000-square metre multipurpose venue which will be opening this weekend and is located in the city's former meatpacking district.

As well as housing a fully fledged club, the new venue will feature offices, artists studios and a gallery, dubbed the Observatorium.

The venue's owners have gone to great lengths to seal the club off from the venue's other elements, so not to distrurb workers and artists who will be working there.

Elsewhere, the venue's owners have also decided they didn't want the club to look like a warehouse inside.

"Even though this is a warehouse, we wanted to avoid making it look like one," Meatpack's co-operator Nelson Donck told Red Bull Elektropedia.

"This club needs to look sexy and attractive, so instead of working with the usual black, we'll transform everything with pink carpets and light colours."

The venue will be opening its doors on Saturday 9th December and the venue's owners have already confirmed that they've managed to persuade the likes of Hush Hush, Kelly Palmer, Daft Funk, Club 808 and Vice City to handle the music side of the business.

Meatpack is the latest project from NV Congé, the Antwerp-based company behind the multi-purpose venues Plein Publiek and Mercado.

“We aim to make Meatpack the rebel cousin of Plein Publiek and Mercado”, said Donck. “There are no rules. The time that a venue had to be either a gallery, a community hub or a nightclub has passed.

Watch a promo video for the opening below.