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Moog Music deny claims in lawsuit alleging workplace misogyny, discrimination and abuse

Moog Music deny claims in lawsuit alleging workplace misogyny, discrimination and abuse

The lawsuit has reportedly been filed by a former employee in the company’s hometown of Asheville, North Carolina

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moog factory

Moog Music has denied claims by a former employee in a lawsuit that reportedly outlines cases of misogyny, abuse and discrimination. A post on a local website, The Asheville Blade, outlines the case against Moog Music, which reportedly describes mental, verbal and physical abuse by Moog Music staff, as well as misogyny and discrimination against former employee Hannah Green. 

In the lawsuit, Green reportedly claims she was abused by colleagues over a number of years, and when the abuse was reported to HR, no action was taken. The complaint, reportedly filed in federal court in March 2021, “alleges that the company repeatedly violated Green’s civil rights, citing multiple causes of action, including two separate discriminations based on sex, plus breach of contract, emotional distress, retaliation, and wrongful termination.”

According to her attorney Sean Sobeleski, Green is seeking $1.1m in damages. 

The full report on the allegations against Moog Music can be read on the Asheville Blade

Moog Music issued the following statement to DJ Mag in response to the claims: 

“This statement concerns unsubstantiated allegations made within an online article that recently appeared in the Asheville Blade. The article details supposed incidents of an ex-Moog Music employee who filed a lawsuit against Moog Music claiming discrimination and retaliation. Moog categorically denies these claims, which are false. The author of the Asheville Blade article did not contact Moog Music or give us an opportunity to comment, respond to, or refute any of these false allegations.

“Given the matter is subject to pending litigation, we can only comment on some of the facts. First, this former employee filed a charge of discrimination with the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), and the EEOC subsequently investigated and dismissed the claim. Second, Moog Music conducted its own internal investigation and found that the allegations of the accuser regarding discrimination and retaliation to be unsubstantiated. 

"We recognise that discrimination and abuse is too common of an occurrence at workplaces around the world and we stand as allies with those who have experienced these inexcusable behaviours. We trust that people who know our organization, have been to our facilities, and have interacted with our employees, know that they are loving and respectful people. Our executive leadership (50% female/average female tenure ~9 years) will continue to focus on providing a safe and nurturing environment for our employees and will have nothing further to say on this matter until the litigation is finalised.”