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Gemini reveals SDJ-4000 and MAS-1 controllers

Gemini reveals SDJ-4000 and MAS-1 controllers

Manufacturer launches debut clip-based device...

Gemini has announced two forthcoming controllers, the SDJ-4000 and the MAS-1, that aim to take the next step in digital DJing and live performance.

A two-deck, four-channel USB controller, the SDJ-4000 (pictured above) is designed to remove any need for a computer in the booth. Through its hi-res 7" colour screen, the controller allows users to analyse tracks, synchronize effects to the beat and create a database of music from scratch.

Along with all the usual EQs, the SDJ offers two mic inputs, 16 LED touch pads for controlling FX and bpm sync, allowing users to apply FX to additional external devices. Up to two extra media players can be added via ethernet connection for access to pre-built libraries.

The MAS-1 (pictured below) is Gemini's first MIDI controller aimed at clip-based performances (Ableton, etc.). Users can modify channels on Live via a range of light-up buttons and EQ controls, bend or tap in bpm and loop.

Four faders give a DJ controller feel and allow for smooth transitions between clips, while each channel also offers three sends to add a range of FX.

Both controllers are slated for release later this year. Check out the MAS-1 below and go to the Gemini website for more information.