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Steve Lawler’s latest recruit cooks up an exclusive

House upstart Jacky is firmly on the rise. After launching his own label, Red Lunar Records, in 2014, he’s since dropped releases from the likes of Jey Kurmis, Di Chiara Brother’s, Atove and Sascha Sonido. That year he also released his very first record, and since has made outings on Keep It Zen Records, Lower East, Sanity, Straight Ahead Music, and more recently Steve Lawler’s VIVa Music.
He's also, luckily, managed to find the time to serve up a Fresh Kicks mix for DJ Mag as part of our new series that shines a light on our favourite up-and-comers from around the globe. Stream the mix and check out Jacky's Fresh Kicks quiz below.
Last record you bought?
“Twrk ‘Chanté’. I was trying to find this record for about a year when my mate Booky told me he had it. At first I didn't believe him, but when I showed me I was buzzing. I tried to 'borrow' it before he went to Ibiza for the summer but he 'didn't get my text', so I had to bite the bullet. £28, but worth every penny.”

Last film you saw?
“Monsters University. Probably the third time now, and it's still as mint as the first time. Buzz off Pixar, me.”

Last club you visited?
“Sankeys Ibiza, for VIVa Warriors (which I also played, and it was ace!).”

Last meal you ate?
“Ham and cheese toastie + crisps & drink meal deal on Easyjet. I also spilled the hot chocolate down my brand new white T-shirt. Shock.”
Last car you drove?
“My mam's brand spanking new M-Series BMW when she went on holiday (Sorry mam, I was going to tell you).”
Last album you listen to in full?
“Four Tet - ‘Rounds’. Love this album. It popped on at an after party the other week and I put the whole thing on from start to finish. Timeless!”
Last mix you downloaded?
“Javi Bora at The Arches, Glasgow on 31/01/2015. Absolute beezer set.”
Last person you played back to back with?
“I played a wicked party called Solar Knights in Darlington last month and I ended up going b2b with Mile End Records top boy, Lee Walker. I did a remix of Lee's track 'Gotta Get' this year and it has been getting loads of support - In fact, Marco Carola has been dropping it in most of his sets recently!”
Last vinyl you spun?
“Ha…it was actually my own record ‘Nineteen’. No better feeling than playing your first vinyl out in a club!”
Last country you visited?
“Egypt. Came back only last week actually. All-inclusive is MINT but dangerous. One week later – two stone heavier. Tubby Jacky.”
Last dream you remember?
“This is a tough, as I usually forget my dreams the second I step out of bed, but there is a fairly recent one that does stand out. I was on the run from the police (no idea why). I kept trying to leave the country to get away from the authorities but every time I attempted to go through passport control they told me “you can’t come through here with them shoes on mate”. Don’t know why they were so aggy. The trainers I had on were well sound.”