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Four Tet's new mystery Spotify track is not gibberish: Listen

Nobody can understand the title, and the artist name is even harder to decipher, but few will fail to feel the tune. 

Four Tet's new mystery Spotify track is anything but gibberish, we can confirm, although one look at the title, not to mention artist name, would suggest otherwise. 

Real name Kieran Hebden, the producer, who has a nomination in the Remix of the Year category at the inaugural Electronic Music Awards next month (for his take on Todd Terje's 'Jungelknugen') has decided to unveil the work without attributing it to either of his well-known identities. 

Instead he has opted to use a language that nobody on the planet will be able to recognise, let alone read, which if nothing else should make trying to search for the tune at 6AM a whole lot of fun. Fear not, though, we've embedded the music below for you to check out. Although the Spotify information offers no clues as to who is responsible, fans should hear plenty of the artist in there given the genre-straddling and rather otherworldly nature of the sounds. Ever keen to explore style and mood, the fresh tune follows on from July's exotic downbeat number 'Two Thousand And Seventeen', and the seven-minute chugger 'Planet', which dropped earlier this month.