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Deadmau5 offers in-depth tour of home: Watch

Deadmau5 offers in-depth tour of home: Watch

A floating studio and other tech gadgetry…

Deadmau5 recently opened up his Canadian home for an in-depth tour, and now the web is free to explore the producer’s trove of gear and technological gadgetry.

Shot by Linus Tech Tips, the 10-minute video commences within Deadmau5’s (still-to-be-completed) studio space. Three years into the process, the space is literally floating on air. To preserve the aesthetic of the room and enhance acoustics, Deamau5 has chosen to suspend the room from a past vaulted ceiling. Equipped with nine custom-made speakers, and a secretive “black box”, to produce a perfect 3D working space, the studio is one of the few Dolby Atmos mix studios outside of Dolby itself.

As the video further details, two walls are lined by analog modular synths while a coveted collection of keyboard synthesizers, including a Juno-106, Jupiter-8 and Prophet-10, further fill the room. Deadmau5’s Neve Analog Console, worth nearly $500,000 (US) alone, commands the interior of the space.

The video continues with clips from the remainder of Deadmau5’s “modern day mansion”, which was obviously decorated by a multi-millionaire with an epic fondness for gaming.

Check out the video below. For more of Deadmau5's high-end hobbies, revisit the delivery of his new ride.

While fans await new tunes, relive his Testpilot set from Movement 2017 here.