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David Guetta: ‘Who would play me in the film of my life? Ryan Gosling’

EDM star reveals all in candid recent interview…

French EDM superstar David Guetta has revealed that he thinks Ryan Gosling would be the best person to play him in a movie about his life. 

Although he doesn’t quite maintain the same sort of Gallic charm as Guetta, we reckon Gosling’s a fair call. For a start, the two bare a passing resemblance to one another, plus they’ve both been recognised by their peers for their sterling work: Gosling by the Oscar board and Guetta with a bunch of Grammy and Billboard awards. Indeed, Gosling’s pretty musically inclined too - especially if his performance in the all-conquering ‘La La Land’ was anything to go by. 

During the course of a revealing interview with The Guardian, Guetta also revealed his most embarrassing moment (“when an audio file didn’t work during a live stream to millions”), what makes him unhappy (“grumpy people”) and his guilty pleasure, (“staying in bed and watching a show”). 

Although the interview is relatively brief, it still goes deep, with Guetta talking about when he last cried (“at my divorce - with good reason”), what he considers his greatest achievements (“giving DJ culture more respect”) and the song he’d like played at his funeral (“I Gotta Feeling”).

You can read the full interview on The Guardian’s website here

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