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'Dance music can fuck right off', says Liam Gallagher

'Dance music can fuck right off', says Liam Gallagher

He prefers guitars really 

'Dance music can fuck right off', says Liam Gallagher, according to an interview published on music website Consequence of Sound. It's far from the first time the 45-year-old former-Oasis frontman has lashed out at beats and synths, and we're not expecting it to be the last. 

In the same article the Manchester-bred icon, no stranger to controversy or making headlines for being outspoken, also conceded that rock 'needs a fucking kick up the arse, man', presumably referring to what many perceive as a current lull in the vitality of new guitar acts.

“I’m not a big dance music fan, I did it with The Prodigy ’cause I know Liam Howlett," said Gallagher in the interview. "He was my brother-in-law for a bit and they’re alright, and I did it with Death in Vegas ’cause I like the tune, and that one had a lot of guitars on it. But dance music can fuck right off as far as I’m concerned. Whatever rock and roll is, that’s me, man.”

The self-styled straight talker has previously explained how he sees the world's highest paid DJ, Calvin Harris, as 'the most boring fucking person', this time while talking to Huck Magazine. These statements come as the campaign surrounding 'As You Were', the debut solo effort from Gallagher, gathers momentum ahead of its release in October, an album of completely fresh material that will land two months after he explained in a chat with Noisey that he no longer has an interest in new music.