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Trance - Single Reviews - 543

Singles - Trance - Issue 543

Super8 & Tab with 7 Skies



In trance you get your neck-and-neck months and you get your head-and-shoulders months. ‘Rubicon’ makes this a head-and-shoulders — it’s simply leagues ahead of the rest. Such is the tungsten strength of its opening, on first-listen you’ll fret the intro’s writing cheques its business end cannot possibly cash. Incredibly, the reverse is true. Sonically, structurally and ingeniously, the peak lays waste to the preceding four minutes. You’ll wonder, you’ll marvel and — dear lord — you’ll dance!

Mike Saint-Jules feat. Molly Bancroft


In Trance We Trust

Mike’s a producer whose music high-achieves without sounding like it's really trying. Paradoxically though, he’s also one of the most underrated producers out there. On his latest he dials down his trademark organic euphoria to make space for Molly’s vocal. It’s not radio-time cheesy-catchy, but it’s got vocal heart and lyrical candour by the kilo, and that’s plenty enough to sign you up to ‘Colour’.

Sunny Lax

'Daenerys '


With A&B’s ‘All Over The World’, ‘Atlas’ from Wrechiski & Jason Ross and (see elsewhere on the page) ‘Rubicon’, it’s been a roaring year-starter for Anjuna. With ‘Daenerys’, Anjuna regular Sunny Lax is more than keeping that end up. His Original echoes its vocals, radiates harmonic warmth and wraps you in feelgoodery. Going one better, Max Freegrant’s mix further deepens the LFO and parlays it into a bigger-yet drop.

Andy Ling

'Fixation (Remixes)'

Lost Language

There are hidden benefits to being a minor rather than major classic. For starters, you’re much fresher when it comes to remixing. Largely untouched since 1999, such is ‘Fixation'’s case. Relaunch stick with its original vibe, steeping it in smoky proggy ether, and keeping it as thumpingly low-riding as ever. Chris Oblivion & Astro D give it something of a Goa-ish overhaul. Ling never envisaged that himself, I’m sure, but it actually works pretty well.


'Liquid Love (Freak & Octagon Remix)'


Winner of this month’s ‘can’t get it out of the head’ award. Very fine remix work from Freak & Octagon, but ‘Liquid Love’ wouldn’t be anywhere without its infectiously catchy vocal.

Ost & Meyer


Enhanced Progressive

‘Liquify’ (sic) roars off its blocks with a slammer of an intro riff that’s ripe with edgy, tense floor agility. It’s melodic cliff-dive into the drop works almost as well, with its chiming, ear-chuckin’ lure. What transpires post-break though is that said intro line is in fact its lead riff. If this was a deeper, proggier number, then it might have got away with it. Having spent all its reveal dollars pre-break though, it leaves the payoff somewhat static.

Miroslav Vrilik

'Side Effects'

Monster Force

Vrlik’s a highly industrious producer, but ‘Side Effects’ arrives in a quieter month for the Slovakian, the (ahem!) side effect of which could be a positive thing. The track’s built with a more midrange power band. Still with masses of energy, flush with pinpoint precise chord changes and effective FX, but in a slightly cooler, less overtly euphoric style… And that all equates to Miroslav’s best to date.

Fabio XB & Liuck feat. Christina Novelli

'Step Into The Light'

Digital Society Recordings

Following up last year’s ‘Back To You’, the XB/Liuck/Novelli collective strike gold again here. With her characteristically authentic vocals and laid-bare lyrics, Novelli brings ‘Step Into The Light’ a real emotional core. Over on the knobs and faders side, Fabio and Liuck similarly excel, with an unashamedly uplifting track that’s spotlessly produced down to its last sonic pixel.


'What You Got 4 Me? (Lostly Remix)'


Having, with O'Callaghan & Kearney’s ‘Exactly’, retooled some yesteryear already this month, Lostly doubles down… It’s a shrewd bet. Always a prime candidate for Signum’s best-ever, ‘What You Got'’s engagingly abstract vocals alone make it the hands-down winner for me. Those vocals notwithstanding, Lostly’s remix improves every significant feature of the track. Enhanced sub-riffs, thrillingly timed and executed key-changes and brilliantly staged and realized melodic drops — they’re all here to thrill to.

Cosmic Gate & JES

'Yai (Here We Go Again)'

Wake Your Mind Records/Armada

Despite ‘Yai'’s freshly added, chipper-sounding new title, ‘Here We Go Again’ isn’t so upbeat. Nor should it be. ‘Yai’ was always a moodier ‘Start To Feel’-er and JES’s vocal extension shadows that arc intuitively. A love-on-the-rocks type o’ tale, it’s a darker Yin to (last single) ‘Alone'’s frothier Yang, making ‘Yai’ a smartly contrasting and satisfying release move.