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Tech House - Single Reviews - 582

Singles - Tech House - Issue 582

Josh Butler

Anonymous/Doesn't Work

Hot Creations

Powerful, frantic drums and a tight bass rhythm are the perfect match for Hot Creations debutant, Josh Butler. ‘Doesn’t Work’ offers loose percussion and a catchy, sparse vocal phrase, but the bass is big, jittery and carves a groove to solidify this as a record worth its weight in underground main room gold. The package is finished off with a trademark sounding Andrea Oliva remix of ‘Anonymous’, full to the brim with acid and pulsating siren breaks.

Kenny Glasgow

'Acid Discharge'

My Favourite Robot

The recently introduced Red series from MFR is intended to make dancers move. Single tracks, no remixes. Simple and effective. The initial four releases supplied either broken beats, tense melodies or entwining synth structures. None of them truly felt no-nonsense. This one does, though. Kenny Glasgow’s ‘Acid Discharge’ is the most brutal yet. Six-and-a-half minutes of bullying beats, fluidic, warped acid, and sub-low bass that will knock you for six if you’re not careful.

Joeski & Doc Martin

'Loveland feat Lillia'


Two legends of the house and techno scenes combine forces once again, this time on Crosstown offshoot Rebellion. They enlist the angelic vocal talents of Lillia on lead track, ‘Loveland’: a meld of ethereal bliss thanks to her vocal, underpinned by a darker energy and thumping sub-bass groove. ‘Dom Dum’ is a masterstroke in production and arrangement — a powerful cut, textured, but not overwhelming. This one will destroy dancefloors. The package ends with ‘B-Boy Jungle', a jaunty, break-led track that assembles acid, deep house and jackin’ vibes for an altogether fun but ultra-danceable six point two minutes.

Jos & Eli

'Odyssey (Finnebassen Remix)'


This Israeli duo have made steady and significant waves during the last 18 months, notching up exceptional melody focused deep house on Noir, Parquet and Plattenbank. Here on Edu Imbernon’s Eklektisch, they supply the progressive but tech tinged deepness in ‘Broken’ and leftfield electronics on 'Instrumental Odyssey'. The piece de resistance comes from Finnebassen’s ‘Instrumental Odyssey’ remix: this melancholic deep house rework is one of his most epic to date.

Rich NxT

'Started Again EP'

Tamango Records

Yaya abdicates his throne as the lead act on his own label for TMNG004, giving Fuse London regular Rich NxT the reins. He supplies three distinctive, skeletal tech cuts: the sub-thumping and intricate percussive number ‘Started Again’, dancefloor savvy bomb ‘Ashame’ and twisted after-party roller ‘Despect'. Yaya adds the final flavour, remixing ‘Started Again’ into a deep, growling number.

Thabo Getsome

'The Flute EP'

Cacao Records

Here’s a bold and breezy offering from Thabo Getsome, that gives new life to a very familiar sample on the anthemic, summery deep house cut ‘The Flute’. There’s more panache on ‘You Aint’, the beats cracking tight and funky, while the spare but impacting middle section of synths keeps this one ticking over. Jesse Bru remixes ‘The Flute’, generating a brilliantly groovy alternative to Thabo’s top-notch original. ‘You Aint’ gets buffed up by Intr0beatz, using more keys, high lines and added beachside bass bump.

Mij Mack

'Unknown Voyage/Joutzu'

Kenja Records

Kenja’s 33rd release comes from label debutant, Mij Mack, who offers up double trouble on the tech house beast ‘Joutzu’, with its hypnotising, undulating chord loop, the killer component. On ‘Unknown Voyage’, he takes matters into a deep and melodious realm, topping it off with an enchanting and moving vocal line. It’s a classy effort that keeps Kenja on track, and should garner all the right attention for Mack.


'Wake Up'

Hidden Vibes

New Zealander Dilby has already notched up releases and remix work on Mother Recordings, Variety Music, Under No Illusion, Voltaire and Lapsus in 2018. He remixed FREE.D & Veronica Fleyta’s ‘Why DJ’ in January, and here, FREE.D returns the favour with a remix of Dilby’s sun-kissed piano tech piece, ‘Wake Up’. FREE.D turns in an inventive, bouncy re-fix that won’t be for everyone, but is certainly a unique sound. Collective Machine opt for some tribal energy on their remix, which remains cool and breezy to complete the trio.