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Prog - Single Reviews - 558

Singles - Prog - Issue 558


Keep Me Hanging

No Idea's Original

No Idea’s Original label makes a swift and impressive return with NOI004. ‘Keep Me Hanging’ comes from Bristol-based producer, Kalyde, and features a remix from NOI label head, Huxley. The EP falls into techno territory from the off. ‘Keep Me Hanging’s’ powerful, straight-set drums and percussion arrangement carry a broken arpeggiator synth and allow for the soulful vocal clips to weave their magic. Huxley gives his remix a trippier edge and enclosed feel, whilst ‘Makossa’ is a progressive-tinged melodious affair, with uplifting energy. ‘Pyro’ goes a little darker and deeper with a stripped-back, percussive thumper. Huxley’s A&R’ing for his label has been excellent so far, and both the label and Kalyde are worth watching in 2016.


'Coma Barenices'

Unconditional Music

Good things come in threes, right? Unconditional Music marks '003' drafting Moniker to deliver some galactic, ambience-laced techno’y tech-house. Lead track, ‘Coma Berenices’ — awesome hypnotic-techno — aside, ‘Oms’ is why this EP makes the page. A low-slung acid growl strides forward with atmospheric flourishes and melodic touches from the middle section. High-quality, gritty tech-house that will be a welcome addition to dancefloors worldwide, which rounds off with the space exploratory-sounding, ‘Phase’.

Julia Gover & Kamran Sadeghi


Cocoon Recordings

Remixed by Ricardo Villalobos; supported Jeff Mills; signing to labels Visionquest and Get Physical. Just a few key points about this newcomer you may want to look into. Julia Gover delivers something very special in her Cocoon debut alongside Kamran Sadeghi, the hypnotising and ambiguous word-spoken, ‘Disappear’. A longing vocal journey pulsates softly, yet thuds along with tech-house intent. It’s expansive and hypnotic and well worth a look at.


'Divvina EP'

ViVA Records

Prolific British producer Cristoph makes his ViVA Records debut and it’s a belter! 'The Divvina' EP consists of three originals, which, as ever, are aimed squarely at the centre of the dancefloor. The soft-edge whipping synth that introduces title track ‘Divvina’ is merely a ruse to suck you into the prog-tech groove. Following with the hypnotic ‘Control’ and ending with the pacy, square synth-pummelling of ‘EyeSpy, it’s a showcase of masterful production that’ll be in all good record bags… hard drives and USBs.

Aki Bergen & Richter

'Fly From Here'


Intense, deep and emotional music from the pair. 'X-Change' shifts this closer to the dancefloor, but overall the EP is suited to both savouring or dancing.

Emery Warman

'Heavy Duty Dolls'

ViVA Limited

Purist tech-house delivered from London-based Emery Warman and immediately falling into stride, lead track, ‘Heavy Duty Dolls’, zones into scuttling/lively mid-percs, dominant hat patterns and powerful sub-zero bass lines — a template found in ‘No Matter What and ‘That’s The Way’. ‘King Kongas’ shows inventive use of snare hats and arrangement, which Wade then gets to work on in his remix, although he simplifies matters for a full frontal bass-beater. A beefy and quality produced selection that loses — only minor — points for being a little bit samey.

Affkt & Samuel Dan


ERYN Records

The debut release on Samuel Dan’s ERYN imprint sees him team up with fellow Spaniard, Affkt, for this monstrous slice of techno-tinged electronica. Titled ‘Knob-A-Tronic’ is a moody, resonating thrashing slice of tech house and receives a pumping, acidic remix from Brit, DeMarzo. Samuel Dan goes in on two remixes; the highly electronic and bass-frantic version, and his Editronic mix, which verges towards a deeper house spectrum and makes for a cool b-side offering.


'Paradigm Shift'


They return to their own stable for the fourth time and delight with a superb two-track EP that’s both ethereal, deep, and trucking. ‘Paradigm Shift’ calls upon a break-beat drum template and an oh-so-rave’y, choral-pad progression and prog-styled filtering synth. It’s luscious and beefy in equal measure — a summer anthem — whilst the smoother, ‘Right There With You’, acts as a perfectly understated b-side. The Krankbrother label is really coming into its own right about now.



W&O Street Tracks

Something of a coup for the upfront, pumping W&O Street Tracks label who invite Tapesh into the fold on 'WO021', ‘Understand’/’Control’. The former is a playful and bass-hefty upright tech-houser making use of pitched male vocal-licks and drone-synth sirens that make for a trippy ride — hold tight! Tapesh’s second construct is the tight percussive rhythm on ‘Control’, counter-balanced by an infectiously sluggish rising three-note bassline pattern.



Decay Records

Hector drops some beautifully-groovy and atmospheric music on British imprint, Decay Records, this June. ‘Womb’ assumes a Burial-esque (yeah, sorry) beginning, then combines with an infectious muted pulse-bass for pounding results. Dan Farserelli teases within his racy remix, his typical intricate, percussive flair, and the insane, though intermittent, five-note — ‘187 Lockdown’-styled — bassline progression. The Mole takes things back with weird, plinky-plonky sounds that cause for a trippy, uncomplicated and effective remix. The EP finishes with the low-slung and atmospheric, ‘Da Morning After’. A tip-top EP to take note of.