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House - Single Reviews - 546

Singles - House - Issue 546

Tim Toh

'Endorphinmachine EP'

City Fly

German producer Tim Toh joins the City Fly crew — the Leicester imprint previously home to the likes of Fred P, Andres, Basic Soul Unit and DJ Nature — and 'Endorphinmachine' is a stunner. A blinder. A bona fide disco damager. Endlessly mashes its off-kilter chord changes with soul-soothing Rhodes keys. 'Everything', with ethereal vocals from Ranavalona, blazes, like DJ Koze meeting Matthew Herbert in his pomp. 'Expectations' sounds like a futuristic block party jam fed through a mangle. You need to be on this. Seriously.



Last Night On Earth

The man like Sasha follows his excellent 'Vapourspace' release from earlier this year with 'Ether', courtesy of his own Last Night On Earth imprint. It is, as one might expect, immaculately presented. Starting out sparse, layers on layers are added, a click here, a burst of white noise there. Then hats, then ride cymbals, then a rolling bass, before pulsing, subtly euphoric synths. It's something of a masterclass, but then, what did you expect? Chopped liver?

Laurent Garnier

''Honey I'm Home''

F Communications

There's only one man the first material on the legendary F Communications in five years should come from, and it's Laurent Garnier, who founded the label with Eric Morand back in 1994. Three tracks here show that Garnier remains the master. 'I'm Going Home' is a brooding, off-kilter workout, while 'The Party Goes On' rumbles its way through nine minutes of dark, moody disco. But it's the devastating 'Drifting In Midwaters' which edges it, a shape-shifting, euphoric anthem of the first water. Bravo.


''Let's Prance'

Crosstown Rebels

The man, the myth, the legend that is Felix Da Housecat has brought his Aphrohead guise out of the attic for Crosstown Rebels, his first material under the alias that brought us classics like 'Thee Light' and 'In the Dark We Live' for 15 years. It was worth the wait. 'Let's Prance' — the first track to drop from a new Aphrohead long-player — is a thick, pulsating groove, wonky vocals adding to its sublime weirdness. There are mixes from Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey, and Christopher Trücher, who has co-produced the album, but Art Department and BLUD's rejig smashes it.


''Mancs EP''

Electric Minds

Hypercolour's Shenoda moonlights for London label Electric Minds — occasional home to the likes of Move D, Radio Slave and Mark E — with 'Mancs', presumably an ode to the finest city in the land. 'Mancs' itself pulses and filters its old school pianos, vocals from B Beat Girls' classic block party jam 'For the Same Man' weaving in and out. 'Nonamenoname' is a spacious, cosmic groove, all atmosphere and drama. 'Dave's Myth', meanwhile, delves wondrously deep. Which Dave it refers to remains unclear.


''Real Joy''


For a track so undeniably, unashamedly large, 'Real Joy', the breakthrough from Brighton producer Fono, is startlingly original too. Synths bent out of all shape, hard, bordering techno percussion, and vocals that almost shouldn't fit into the picture but end up binding the noise together, it's a slab of immaculate crossover perfection. On the remix tip, moulding for the slightly deeper dancefloors is Duke Dumont, no stranger to a bit of crossing over either. This'll be on all summer, so dive in.

Dany F



Colombian 21-year-old Dany F shows dancefloor wisdom well beyond his years on this incendiary four-tracker for Matias Aguayo's Cómeme. 'Monitos de la Selva' seems fiendishly simple, but strip back the layers and there's a sophisticated acid workout that drills in and won't quit. Title track 'Wouhau' is understated machine music, featuring hypnotic arpeggios. Closer 'Quiero Love', however, is a total masterpiece. Heavily syncopated tribal percussion gives way to rave synths, mirrored by a dark and unctuous bassline. Sterling work, young man. Sterling work.