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Drum & Bass - Single Reviews - 602

Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 602


Banana Bread

31 Recordings

Banana bread is our absolute favourite consumable of the cake/bread hybrid variety, so we were sure we were on to a winner before our mouse even hovered over the play button. Here we are delivered some freshly baked weirdness from the master of ‘out-there’: this roller is as brooding and techy as can be expected, with moody, low rubbing sub punched up with gutsy woofs here and there. But the odd sci-fi swathes really make this one stand out.

Camo & Krooked


Hospital Records

"Absolute classic, what else can you say?"

Simple Technique

'B O X P R O B L E M S feat. Joe Raygun '


Here we have a tech roller which ticks all the right boxes: crisp hi-hats, rolling breaks, distorted synths, check, check, check. But we’re also given some extra little nods, with weird sci-fi licks and an oddly satisfying breakdown, which sounds like a clang. Joe Raygun lays down some catchy and quirky bars — his slow-moving, UK hip-hop-steeped flow is a perfect fit for this brooding track.

Bop x Subwave

'Dead Almost '

Hospital Records

Over the years, we’ve many times used the term “Hospital sound” to describe some of the label's most melodic, happy output. However, this last compilation shows us that the “Hospital sound” just doesn’t exist anymore, with this release making stops at almost every station of the spectrum. A fair few standouts on this one, but the jazzy clicks resting upon the murky low-end of 'Dead Almost’ really got us bouncing.


'Feel Good'

Subway Soundz

Simple, maybe. Childish, it could be said. Rowdy AF and guaranteed to get us bouncing hard, waving gun fingers everywhere, sweating out the whole £7 gin by the end of the track like a fresh-faced 18-year-old at their first rave? One hundred per cent. With a computer game style high-pitched melody, reminiscent of Twisted Individual's golden era, and classic jump up drums, truth be told, there's not too much to this track — but it’s fun, energetic and designed for the dance. Sometimes, that’s all a track needs to be.

Black Barrel

'Lock Stock'

Dispatch Recordings

'Lock Stock' is more rough and rowdy than we’ve come to expect from either Black Barrel or Dispatch, but my, my, if this is the kind of switch up we can count on, sign us up. Drawing from jump up staples, using almost uncomfortable pitches and well-known bad boy film samples, but keeping the occasional twisting glitches and complex layers of the deeper drum patterns, this track is sure to bun any dance. Be sure to check out the flip.


'Power (G Dub Remix)'

Low Down Deep

That loud, distorted, aggressive horn-ridden sound is so prevalent now across drum & bass, it's easy to forget that LDD has been championing these rotten riddims for well over a decade, way before the rest of the scene decided it was cool. Turno’s 'Power' gets the remix treatment here from G Dub: while still keeping it gully, the track's been given a completely new lift by drawing out those dark vibrations to rib-shattering proportions, turning down the vocal, and bringing more excitement to the drums.

Command Stange


V Recordings

Here we see a very different side to Command Strange. While staying true to his smooth and soulful musical journey, with light jazzy pianos and a chilled vocal, the ascending bassline and quick drums bring more of a dancefloor feel. We accidentally had this promo on loop for close to half an hour, and it’s so varied and easygoing that we didn’t feel the need to desperately run over to the pause button. ‘Loco’ is an absolute smasher. There really is something for everyone on this release. Good work as usual.

DJ T-Cuts



As we desperately trawl the internet for some information on this unknown label, we’re pleasantly reminded of times when it took more than typing into a search bar to get the lowdown on the freshest sounds. Continuing in this nostalgic theme, pared-back jungle is the order of the day, where the breaks rule supreme, slightly muted percussion is intensified with a contrasting backdrop of melting, dreamy synths and a gorgeously smooth, sexy female vocal — and a heavy 808 backing seals the deal.