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Breaks & Bass - Single Reviews - 600

Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 600

Fred Again

Octavian (MyOwnWorld)


London artist Fred Again launches his new imprint again..Records with one of the most beautifully emotive tunes of the year. Pivotal beats like Bicep’s 'Glue' really kicked the door down for records like this one, and they’re finally getting the shine they deserve. This sound has always been there, and it’s beyond thrilling for me to see so many new ears and eyes on it. A deep palette of soaring synths, hypnotic perc loops and subtle minor keys masterfully transports you to another place. This is a delicate yet epic trip to the disco that brings wave after wave of solemn, goose-bump inducing vibes.



Rave Science

Dropping a high profile and original sounding release every single month for the year is a sure-fire way of letting the industry know that you mean business. I can’t remember the last time an act landed in the scene with so much heat. This spanking new Prospa beat is swarming with snappy/metallic perc loops, tinny lead lines, and grumbling sub-bass. Pure late-night joy.

Cosmic Monkey

'Funk You Up'

Seven Sisters Records

A hollow, discordant bank of nicely oversaturated sounds escorts a welcome pool of jarring, distorted and vexatious vibes into this jam. A well-balanced, techno-ish beat and a subtle acid groove bring waves of enjoyment and anxiety in equal measure. The awesome Bristol imprint Seven Sisters Records proving again here that it's well worth paying attention to if you’re feeling these edgy, minimal breakbeats.



Dim Mak

Taking the classic B-More 808 kick pattern and seemingly overdriving it into the dirt has taken this sound into some new territories. All tripped-out and twisted in the build-up, a menacing acid soundscape gives way to some serious low-end energy, and the trappy/half-time second drop will surely bring any peak time dancefloor to its knees. Absolute freakshow music from the ever evasive super-producer HELLBOUND!

Neo Fresco x Warden

'Push Em Way Back'

Global League

Really digging this new one from the Portland production powerhouse Neo Fresco and his LA counterpart Warden. Dropping on that wonderfully well curated (check them out) Global League label, this tune is undoubtedly going to be ravaging dancefloors all over the world this winter. A spanking kick-snare drum kit underpins sleazy lead hooks with ghetto vox and subtle perc snatches for that bonus added flavour. Killer.

Sophia Saze

'Self (FaltyDL Remix) '


So good to see some remixes emerging from Sophia’s amazing 'Self' album. Echoing the vibe of the album, this genre spanning mix is a real trip down the rabbit hole, twisting and turning through landscapes with little care for uneducated dancefloors. Stuttered and raw acid breakbeats give way to a beautiful John Carpenter-esque soundscape with jarring atmospherics and a moving palette of delicate synth work. Love it.


'Some Time Back (Skin Teeth Remix) '

Top Drawer Digital

Who’d have thought that in 2019 these early '90s flavours would be back so strong? There’s a solid crew of producers breathing fresh life into this sound, Skin Teeth being on the precipice of that. This new remix is a scatty, oversaturated bank of raw Amen loops and minor key rave stabs that echoes that awesome Prodigy 'Jericho' vibe you’ve been happily chewing on for decades. So good to see this authentic UK sound is making waves again.

CLB & Doc Zee


Punks Music

Chicago’s CLB joins forces with one of the UK’s freshest bass talents, Doc Zee, delivering a giant Amen riddled, Reese bass pie to slap you in the face with. This low-slung monster features some rather cool call-and-response grooves, vocal snatches and a truly ‘get-hype’ timbre to get the dancefloor moving. Allegedly dropping via the Punks Music team this year, this one has winner written all over it.