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Premiere: Rave Creator a.k.a. Marc Acardipane 'Atmos-Fear (VTSS Remix)'

Premiere: Rave Creator a.k.a. Marc Acardipane 'Atmos-Fear (VTSS Remix)'

Hardcore legend Marc Acardipane has been remixed by Solid Blake, Perc, Umwelt, and more on a new Planet Phuture compilation. Hear Polish techno stalwart VTSS's take on Acardipane's classic 1994 track, 'Atmos-Fear', now

VTSS has remixed Marc Acardipane for an upcoming Planet Phuture release.

Announced in January this year, Marc Acardipane, known to many as the Godfather of Hardcore, is set to re-release a number of his classic works as part of the new compilation, entitled 'The Most Famous Unknown'.

The 34-track release features remastered versions of songs produced under a variety of aliases going back over the last 30 years, including Mescalinum United, Pilldriver, Rave Creator, Marshall Masters, and The Possessed.

He's also enlisted a number of current heavyhitters from the techno world to remix some of his classic tracks, with the likes of Perc, JASSS, Solid Blake, Dasha Rush, and Gabber Eleganza among them.

Polish mainstay VTSS also contributes to the compilation, remixing Acardipane's 1994 classic under his Rave Creator alias, 'Atmos-Fear'. On her tough, techno re-work, VTSS delivers lashings of chaotic rave energy, retaining hardcore elements from the original and infusing the track with fast-paced, uncompromising drums.

'The Most Famous Unknown' will be released digitally and in a 4x12" edition on March 27th. Pre-order the release here and listen to 'Atmos-Fear (VTSS Remix)' below.