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Premiere: Perdu ‘Road To Yuzu’

Premiere: Perdu ‘Road To Yuzu’

Optimo ready the third release on their new sub-label Digital Danceforce: A versatile three track EP from Perdu. Hear the cinematic, vintage arp-led 'Road To Yuzu’ now...

Purdu Premiere Optimo DJ Mag
Purdu Premiere Optimo DJ Mag

After announcing in September that they would be winding down their revered Optimo Trax label, Optimo Music have since launched a new digital imprint, Digital Danceforce.

Having quietly released two EPs in October by Noo and Strapontin, the label are now readying the release of a three tracker from Amsterdam’s Perdu. Following previous releases on Let’s Play House, the Dutch producer’s sound is a perfect fit for an Optimo affiliated label, combing minimal wave and breaks-led rhythms with vintage analog melodies and bass lines. The EP is versatile in spite of its length, veering from the acid leads and organic rhythm of ‘Fringed By Air’ to the melodic breakbeat of ‘Anxious World’.

Both forward thinking and loyal to classic styles, its an EP that’s hard not to love. Opener ‘Road To Yuzu’ sets it up beautifully with a cinematic, wavey atmosphere and layers of the kind of vintage arpeggios that live so comfortably in Optimo’s DJ sets. Check it out below.

Speaking to Optimo’s Keith McIvor about the new label and Perdu’s EP, he explains that the focus that Digital Danceforce will (obviously) be digital releases and the importance of making the music readily available without worrying about the cost of vinyl.

“The label came about as I was increasingly frustrated with the very slow turnaround in manufacturing vinyl,” he explains. “I was longing for an outlet where I could get releases out there far faster. I was also concerned about how expensive 12” singles were becoming to buy and that the sheer volume of 12”s coming out every week was too great. I still love vinyl and will still release it, but it could be argued buying a 12” at up to £15 is quite an elitist pursuit. Thus, Digital Danceforce is me experimenting with different and perhaps more efficient ways of releasing dance music. If demand is there it some releases will indeed see a vinyl release later.”

“These tracks from Perdu rocked my world and fitted my one criterion for releasing; that I would be excited to play them in my own DJ sets.”

You’ll be able to get the EP from December via Optimo Music’s Bandcamp.