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Premiere: Peder Mannerfelt ‘Cigarettes (Eurofierceness Mix)’

Studio luminary Peder Mannerfelt releases his ‘Daily Routine’ LP on 16th November. Hear the shrouded and cinematic ‘Cigarettes (Eurofierceness Mix)’ now…

Peder Mannerfelt Prem DJ Mag MÄRTA THISNER
Peder Mannerfelt Prem DJ Mag MÄRTA THISNER

There aren’t many producers out there like Peder Mannerfelt. A studio luminary and groundbreaking electronic artist and performer, he has worked with artists like Fever Ray and Bat For Lashes (and even had an early production credit on Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’).

As a solo producer and with Malcolm Pardon as Roll The Dice, his releases are vast and varied, stretching from intense rhythmic electronics to warped experimentalism.

Now, the Swedish artist readies his new album ‘Daily Routine’ on his own Peder Mannerfelt Produktion label.

"This is a record about nothing,” he has explained of the album. “A record without a concept or ulterior motive. Or maybe it’s about everything. A vignette of all that has ever happened to me. It’s also a collection of sounds. New sounds, sounds I recorded 10 years ago, sounds I’ve found, sounds stolen from records my brother bought in London in the summer of ‘88. There’s also Sissel Wincent (who’s the coolest person I know) singing on one track.”

Below, you can hear ‘Cigarettes (Eurofierceness Mix)’, a densely shrouded cut of gripping bass growls and cinematic synth swells, assembled with the same masterful precision we've come to expect from the producer. 

The album is out on 16th November. Pre-order it here.