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Premiere: Chants 'Filament'

Premiere: Chants 'Filament'

Chants returns to Astral Plane Recordings with new release, 'Seven Spheres'. Listen to the driving drums and meticulously engineered dancefloor energy of album standout, 'Filament', now


Chants will release a new eight-track album this Friday.

The Wisconsin-based artist, who has released on labels such as Dutty Artz and Hush Hush Records, marks his fourth release on Astral Plane Recordings with his new project, 'Seven Spheres'.

His last album, 'We Are All Underwater' released in 2015, was an experimental submersion into a synth sound bath, combining seemingly free-flowing chords and glossy textures for a relaxing Atlantean journey.

In stark contrast to his 2015 album, Chants captures a club-driven sense of urgency and heavy atmosphere on ‘Seven Spheres’, using rhythmic percussion and complex sound design to maintain high energy levels.

From the intense and foreboding sonics of the title track to the erratic drum pattern of ‘Assiah Dance’, Chants showcases his natural ability to blend a combination of off-kilter elements.

‘Filament’ comes in with a driving kick and an evolving chord progression, allowing the track to simmer before warped synths and layers of percussion give the track an infusion of club-centered energy.

'Seven Spheres' is out this Friday 23rd August. Pre-order the album here and listen to 'Filament' below.

(Photo: Jenni Yang)