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Mr. Mitch


"Yo, I do my thing / I don’t jump through hoops / I’m starting to think / I don’t think like you” raps Manga Saint Hilare on ‘Lazy’, the eponymous track of Mr. Mitch’s third album. Hilare, one of the few features alongside Duval Timothy and Social State, sums up his ethos and Mr. Mitch’s oeuvre. With ‘Lazy’, Mr. Mitch oscillates from ceiling-threatening double-layered bass and glistening synths over skittish drum rolls, to ambient meditative tracks fit for yoga retreats. There isn’t a moment on this album that isn’t captivating. From the opener ‘Black Magic’, a club-ready anthem, to ‘Proud’ (featuring his son, Miles) to the taut and wiry ‘What They Want’, Mr. Mitch does a superb job in adding new colours to his palette while showcasing, yet again, why he continues to be one of the best UK producers around. DHRUVA BALRAM