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Seoul Power/I'm Sick Of Rap

Old Maid Entertainment
Typically twisted brilliance on this spanking new 7" from one of rap's all-time greatest maverick talents. The instrumental 'Seoul Power' thumps and thrums on some truly bizarre samples, what sounds like loops of Vietnamese one-string guitar-playing layered over punchy, pushy congo-laden beats and delicious breaks. Play it out and often. On the flip, 'I'm Sick Of Rap' is a sharp detonation of both retrograde golden-age devotees (the kind of bores constantly going on about how rap was better way back when — usually the '90s) and the endless collaborative froth that passes for so much internet rap right now. 'Fuck rap, let's make disco... I'd rather fuck with bellbottoms than bullshit'. Absolutely goddamned right. Bonus blazing rantings are joyously collated on 'Rap Is A Circus... And We Hope The Elephants Trample Everybody', which comes as a free download with the single. Snap it the fuck up.