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Air Texture Vol. VII

Air Texture
Air Texture Vol. VII
One of the first signs of the ambient renaissance when they started releasing compilations in 2011, the Air Texture label has recently flipped the script. Whilst keeping the same set-up of inviting two artists to curate unreleased tracks, ‘Vol. VI’ saw Martyn and Steffi ply more rhythmic fare, and ‘Vol. VII’ hands the reins to Rrose and Silent Servant: two names not exactly renowned for relaxing sounds. Nor are many of the artists who’ve contributed tracks, such as Ron Morelli, Function and Luke Slater. But whilst the tempos might be slower than expected, the tone isn’t any sunnier. Silent Servant’s selection occasionally bursts into beats amidst all the gloom, but Rrose’s is almost entirely comprised of ominous clanks and sepulchral drones: if ambient is aural wallpaper, ‘Air Texture Vol. VII’ would hang well in a morgue.