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Q&A: Miller SoundClash 2017 Finalist CaHen

Q&A: Miller SoundClash 2017 Finalist CaHen

Representing Colombia in Las Vegas...

The Miller SoundClash finalists are busy preparing for their trip to Las Vegas for the Grand Final. In the lead up, we'll be profiling each of them on the site. You can keep up to date with the Miller SoundClash DJ Competition by following Miller Genuine Draft on Instagram.

Tell us in one sentence who you are and where you are from?

"My name is Camilo a.k.a CaHen from Bogota, Colombia"

Where did your love of music first come from?

"In my house since I was a child, I have always instilled a love of music. My love of electronic music was born from the first moment that I started to attend specialised clubs of this type of music."

How long have you been DJing?

"I have been DJing for 6 years."

Do you produce music also?

"Not yet. However, I am in the learning stage. I'm finding my 'musical signature'. For me is the most important thing in an artist, his musical identity."

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

"In addition to being the Wild Card Winner of this year, which has been wonderful. Having the opportunity to play along with one of the referents of Progressive House worldwide as CID INC in the city of Medellín was a very enriching experience."

Tell us about the success as a DJ you’ve had in your own country.

"Progressive House is not a very commercial genre in my country, however, I have been fortunate to have the support of the best radio stations and clubs of the country like THEATRON and OCTAVA to show my sound. I can´t leave aside to mention that the city of Medellin has always been a referent of trance music and Progressive House in my country, and whenever I have received me in an extraordinary way, they make me feel very good and at home"

How did it feel to win your local Miller SoundClash competition?

"In my country there has not been local competition since last year, but it has not been an impediment to compete through Mixcloud, last year I was Top 10 Wild Card and this year I was the winner of the Wild Card. It has been very gratifying to have achieved this and represent my country in this great competition. I´m very excited."

How much does it mean to you to have made it to this stage of Miller SoundClash?

"Oh!, it's been incredible. Have been chosen from more than a thousand DJs worldwide it has been a dream come true, I will continue to work hard. Is a wonderful motivation to move forward in this profession that I chose for my life. I´m very excited to meet the other participants, who undoubtedly represent an excellent way to their countries after having a tough local battle."

How do you plan to stand out over the other DJs in Las Vegas? How will you be preparing for the finale?

"As I said before, the musical identity is a very important factor in an artist, I will always show my own style in the competition as I have done in my country."

What makes you unique compared to the other international finalists?

"Being a Progressive House DJ and Trance, my mixing technique is characterised by sweet melodies, space sounds and strong grooves, which for me makes a perfect match."

Las Vegas is the EDM capital of the USA, with major DJs playing every weekend. If you could meet and hang out with one of these DJs in Vegas, who would it be and why?

"I would love to hang out with Above & Beyond, I would ask them for advice on musical production, I have always loved their style since the first moment I listened to them."

Who from dance music’s elite do you most respect and take inspiration from?

"They are many but as I said before, Above & Beyond is a great influence for me, however I can´t leave aside Eric Prydz, Max Freegrant, Jerome Isma-Ae and Stan Kolev."

How important is it for competitions like Miller SoundClash to give aspiring DJs the chance to show their talent to the world?

"It is too important, even in my country I have participated in some competitions, because sometimes it is not enough to have the talent and the desire to eat the world, public relations play a very important role, as in any business, and the lack Of experience makes it a little difficult to contact entrepreneurs, who prefer to hire DJs with more experience in the business to carry out their events.

So opportunities like this allow you to teach your talent in your nation and at an international level, in addition. That's why I am very grateful to Miller SoundClash for giving me this valuable opportunity in my career. See you in Las Vegas!"

Tell us a bit about your home country - How is the electronic music scene in Colombia right now?

"My country has grown a lot in an electronic culture, the massive festivals is something that is seen every month in different cities of the country with different musical genres. It should be noted that the most imposing genre in my country is techno, taking most of the participation of attendees to electronic music events."

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