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Q&A: DJ Vane, Miller SoundClash 2017 Winner

Q&A: DJ Vane, Miller SoundClash 2017 Winner

With Miller Genuine Draft

Hi Vane! So first of all, congratulations on winning Miller SoundClash! How does it feel?

"Thank you! Wow, this was a wonderful experience. Miller SoundClash was the best experience of my life, I am so happy!"

How did you feel after your set. Did you feel confident that you had a chance of winning?

"Yeah I felt very confident because it was a pool party and my sound is very tropical and percussive and I know the crowds here can really enjoy that sound."

The judges thought it was a very authentic and distinctive set, but it also worked perfectly for the crowds here. Did you adapt your sound for the final or is this the kind of thing you play in Panama?

"Well, in Panama I play a lot of mash-ups but yesterday [at the pool party] I played a slightly different set. In fact around half of the tracks I played were in Spanish, which is the language of my country and I'm glad that people enjoyed it."

And it sounds like you adapted your sound again for the party at XS. How did it feel to perform there before The Chainsmokers?

"It felt incredible! But also very different, because it is a different club, another stage and also at night. I think in the club, we must be a little bit more commercial than usual to keep the dance floor moving."

Yes, that definitely came across. I think you read the crowd perfectly and without betraying your sound, you made it more accessible, which was right for that room. How did you go about preparing for that set?

"Well, I didn't have much time to prepare so it was mainly improvised! I have many tracks and it just flowed very naturally for me on the night."

So, did you get a chance to speak to The Chainsmokers?

"I spoke to them a little bit. They are really awesome guys without any egos. I actually saw them once before in Panama in 2011."

Ok, so you had been to see them play back home, and now you are playing on the same bill as them in Las Vegas...

"I know it’s incredible, I still can't believe it!"

What advice did they give you before your set?

"They just told me to ‘relax and enjoy the party’. They said that ‘having fun and being yourself’ is the most important thing."

Awesome! And you certainly did that. So now you'll be signing a record contract with AfterCluv DanceLab (Universal Music). Are you already producing music?

"Yes, I am making music already. The tracks I have made are in a tribal house style. And I made a collaboration with a friend of mine which has nice trance sound - a really nice combination of sounds."

Great! So have you spoken to people back home in Panama?

"Yes! They are crazy! My mum was crying! You know, it's awesome. Even people I don't know have been texting me saying 'congratulations', and 'Panama is the best', so that makes me very excited."

Ah what an incredible response. So you'll be heading back to Panama in a couple of days What is next for DJ Vane?

“Well, in Panama I have a party called Concolon and I hope Miller can help me to grow this to become the biggest party in Panama and I'll be working on my productions too ready for the release on AfterCluv Dancelab”


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