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DJ Mag delivers the round up of the Miller SoundClash 2015 Grand Finale, 15 DJs from around the world going head to head to see who will reign supreme, all hosted in the magnificent setting of the Marquee Day Club Las Vegas. 

Turkey’s DJ Erdem Senel was first to grace the decks, solid hard groove start dropping into an EDM remix of Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams, his intent obvious, straight into the hard stuff, the crowd seems to be taking to Erdem’s direct approach. A bold start sees the DJ enjoying his moment on the decks, a solid start.

With the base level set it was time for Canada’s FeelGoodSmalls to deliver her set, immediately switching it up on a ragga tip, bringing in some Moombahton action. The crowd immediately takes to the change in musical direction as she turns up the heat with more ragga groove excellence, this young lady knows how to work a pool party. Dropping Diplo style delights, the party has just notched up a groove.

Two DJs in and the Miller SoundClash is in full swing, DJ Mag ‘Wild Card’ DJ Bocho drops in with a nice piece of filter action, playing the FX and working the mix into a climax, the crowd have hit the pool and Marquee is starting to get its groove on. Bocho is exhibiting some great deck skills in the mix, tight interchange between tracks, steering it back into an EDM direction, mixing it up with a cute drop in of Ram Jam’s ‘Black Betty’ before once again taking on a more peak time flow, changing it up with C & C Music Factory’s  ‘Everybody Dance Now’, and ending his stint with KC & The Sunshine Band ‘That’s the Way’. Entertaining. 

Caissa, representing the Dominican Republic, start with a funky vocal number that switches the focus from straight up EDM, daring to take it jump up with a track that drops into a piano break, nice switch up from the duo that grabs the attention of the Marquee dancefloor. Cool interplay in the mix between the two DJs moving it into the Bass house arena, then making a play with a Limp Bizkit’s ‘Rollin’ very apt as the action rolls on to the next DJ.

Panama’s Ritmo Equis also hits the ragga tip before opening up with some EDM bass bangers, the crowd are feeling it, the DJ happily merging Bass house with straight up EDM keeping the floor entertained and the bass bins pumping.

Looks like Bass house is holding court at the moment as Japan’s Busta Row delivers some more bass thrilling music as he starts to trick it up in the mix, holding it tight, mixing up the tunes with a wide diversity. Showing off some nice deck skills, going bold dropping ‘Entertain Us’ by Nirvana but bringing it back before the crowd start to wane with Snoop Dogg’s ‘The Next Episode’.

A cool cheer from the crowd introduces DJ Block. Drop stop straight into the action bringing the vocals back to the party. Robin S ‘Show Me Love’ remix thrills the crowd, more of the party vibe with ‘Eye of the Tiger’, loose on the mix but the crowd don’t care as Blocks plays with the FX to add depth and then takes it back into EDM territory. ‘Buffalo Soldier’ was the highlight.

Peru’s DJ Shushupe comes on, teasing the Marquee faithful as the party continues to vibe, the beach balls are doing the rounds across the pools, the MC’s start to bring the noise and the bass drops, the dancing has started in earnest. More ragga vibes as the floor swaggers to the bass. Her tune selection is winning the crowd over.

If there was a prize for most entertainingly dressed DJ, Ankletap from South Africa would steal this one, he immediately starts with his own new tune, more peak time floor fillers ensue, finding the drop with another rendition of ‘Show me Love’ tune of the day so far! Marquee is definitely showing the love…

South Korea’s DJ Baryonyx takes it in a whole new direction, drum and bass at its finest, bringing the beats to the Marquee Pool Party, skillfully mixing in piano drops into more drum and bass frenzy, working it up in the mix. Marquee approves and the bass continues.

Charlie & Zulu of Paraguay show off some great deck skills, making great use of the FX controls on the mixer, teasing in a cheeky little crowd pleaser ‘Up Town Funk’ EDM remix there’s no escaping that main room sound, fast mixing makes for a interesting set the two DJs play nicely with each other a true DJing Duo. 

Colombia’s Augusto Yepes takes to the decks and demonstrates great skills and use of FX bring it in for the crowd. He has got the party jumping to a new level; he’s definitely feeling the party vibe, mixing up the tunes a treat. The crowd are loving it, good fun peak floor fillers on a different tip.

The sound system at the Marquee Day Club is getting a full on work out asDJ Rama from Argentina drills out some more good tunes, delivering a storming set and its going down well, more use of the FX and its working!!! Bringing the party to Vegas. The vibe is flying high at the Grand Finale Miller SoundClash 2015.

Its getting intense the tunes and mixing are dropping in thick and fast, Loving Arms of Hungary skirt around serious EDM and a banging club sound, mixing it up no holds barred, this fast and furious delivery is finding favour with the Marquee, quick fire drops and chops, crowd pleasers, club bangers we’ve got it all. Playing in perfect tandem these guys are all hands on, we have a mix marathon mash up. 

DJ BSNO from Mexico is charged with closing off the competition, holding his own with some Hip Hop love the crowd want more and he delivers taking it on an EDM trip. The place is going mental and the direction goes all rock and roll Free’s ‘Alright Now’ continues the play and party is in full flow. BSNO has got them eating out of the palms of his hands.