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Denham Audio, IMOGEN, Crafty 893, Cromby: March's artist charts


Denham Audio, IMOGEN, Crafty 893, Cromby: March's artist charts

In DJ Mag's March artist charts, four DJs select their top 10 tracks of the month, spanning moody jungle, '90s acid, classic reggae and dubby house

Denham Audio

UK trio Denham Audio have entrenched themselves at the front of the new wave of breakbeat hardcore producers through a multitude of racuous cuts and remixes, with 2020 seeing particularly impressive drops for Lobster Theremin and Sneaker Social Club among others. Club Glow, the label they run alongside Borai, LMajor and Mani Festo, has similarly gone from strength to strength, setting them up for a massive 2021, which kicks off with another EP for Lobster.

01.   Kessler  ‘Vrieselaan’  Shall Not Fade

“Love everything Kessler does at the moment, killing it with everything he releases. (Keep locked for something TBA with Club Glow.)”

02.  Borai  ‘Need U’  Club Glow

“Second vinyl release from the crew, which we’re super excited to be putting out. Big ups Borai, Mani and LMajor each and every!”


03.  Denham Audio  ‘Transcendence (feat. 7ip7oe)’  Lobster Theremin

“Our pick off our debut release on the main Lobster label features a friend we met in Seoul, who kindly agreed to speak over a moody jungle tune we wrote.”


04.  Special Request  ‘Quiet Storm (Tim Reaper Remix)’  Hooversound Recordings

“Tim Reaper is on fire at the moment and his output is crazy high! Also big shouts to NAINA and SHERELLE, the label’s killing it.”

05.  AK Sports  ‘MILEYCYRUS’  Raiders

“Been a fan of AK Sports for a long time. She joined us on the Club Glow show last year and we may have something in store together on CG this year.”

06.  Mani Festo  ‘Disengage’  WNCL Recordings

“Mani Festo doing Mani Festo things, and on a wicked label! Big shouts to Nick and Bob.”

07.  DJ  ‘Soundbwoy, Rudebwoy (Denham Audio Remix)’  Biroso Records

“A remix for another friend from Seoul. The whole remix package is crazy good, with Bianca Oblivion, Le Motel, Qnoe and Pl4net Dust too.”

08.  Blame  ‘Lift Off’  Over/Shadow

“Think this needs very little introduction! Cannot wait to play this in a club.”

09.  Coco Bryce  ‘Luv Ain EZ (LMajor Remix)’  Goddezz

“Louis killing it on the remix of this one, can’t wait to spin in a club.”

10.  XTM  ‘Fly On The Wings Of Love (Interplanetary Criminal Emotional Breaks Remix)’  Self-released

“Bandcamp release from IPC that hits the spot.”


Southampton-born, London-based IMOGEN’s rise has been meteoric. Still only in her early 20s, she’s already become a staple of the UK capital’s techno scene and beyond, earning herself a coveted appointment as one of Fabric’s new residents for the club’s 20th anniversary in 2019. Having caught the ear of Sunil Sharpe, she’s released via his Earwiggle label’s ‘Eel Behavior’ series and dropped a vicious collaborative EP, ‘Volts’, with Ben Pest there in February. Here’s 10 tracks she can’t get enough of right now.

01.  Vector ‘Turbulence’  Planet Rhythm

“This ‘90s acid from Planet Rhythm’s back-catalogue is exactly the energy I want to bring as soon as I get back to the rave.”

02.  Ben Pest  ‘More Horrors’  Unreleased

“A favourite of mine from a great friend Ben Pest, who I just released an EP with. He will be releasing this belter in the next few weeks.”

03.  LDS  ‘Organic Computer Awareness’  Monnom Black

“I love the fast, trippy vibe to this track. It’s hard and punchy whilst the pads layered on top bring an element of comfort — definitely one for the end of the night.”

04.  Thomas P. Heckmann  ‘Amphetamine’  Afu Limited

“I have had this track on repeat throughout lockdown and it always lifts my mood. It was the most memorable moment of my last gig in Kyiv.”

05.  IMOGEN & Ben Pest  ‘Volts’  Earwiggle

“I haven’t had a chance to play my latest release on vinyl in the club yet, and I can’t wait for that moment.”

06.  False Persona  ‘30 Rounds’  International Chrome

“Everything that Jensen Interceptor puts out on his label is always fire, but this track from False Persona has to be my favourite.”

07.  Lucass P  ‘In Da Hood’  Loud Pressings

“I love the cheeky vocal that comes in half way through this track, and the early 2000s vibe that Lucass P always brings.”

08.  Luz1e  ‘Electronic Warfare’  Voitax

“My favourite release from Luz1e on Voitax. The breaks that come in halfway are insane.”

09.  The Prodigy  ‘Time Bomb (Riot Code Remix)’  Self-released

“This remix has been a highlight from my livestreams. Riot Code are amazing up-and-coming producers and I can’t wait to see what else they’re putting out this year.”

10.  The Advent  ‘Planting Seeds’  Perc Trax

“The Advent are always a staple in my sets and this new EP from them on Perc Trax can’t be missed.”

Crafty 893

Earning heavy rotation on Radio 1, 1Xtra and Rinse FM in 2020 with his Tru Thoughts debut ‘Induction’, South London MC Crafty 893 recently announced his return to the label for debut album ‘Smart Dumb’ (out 9th April). Featuring collabswith Manga Saint Hilare and Big Zuu, the LP also features a team-up with iconic producer Sir Spyro on rapid-fire battle cut ‘Wotless’. Crafty picks his top 10 tracks of all time for DJ Mag.

01.  Jah Cure  ‘Longing For’  Don Corleon Records

“One of the deepest songs ever made.”

02.  Barrington Levy  ‘Too Experienced’  Time 1 Records

“One of the classic Jamaican function tunes, won’t know the name, but you’ve heard it before.”

03.  AJ Tracey  ‘LO(V/S)ER’  Self-released

“One of my favourite AJT songs, pure vibes.”

04.  Michael Jackson  ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’’  Epic Records

“Classic badman tune, a man’s singing ‘bout beef if you really deep it.”

05.  Skepta feat. Giggs  ‘Look Out’  Boy Better Know

“Old school UK anthem, north-to-south link-up.”

06.  Styles P  ‘Where The Angels Sleep’  D-Block

“Another deep banger from one of the hip-hop GOATs. Not his best song but a personal favourite.”

07.  Tee Grizzley  ‘Bloodas 2 Interlude (feat. Lil Durk)’  300 Entertainment

“Every lyric in this song is vibes, still waiting on the sequel to ‘Bloodas’ tho.”

08.  Skrapz  ‘SWV / Can We [80’s Baby]’  Zino Records

“This one you jus’ chill to, smoke your ting and appreciate the mood.”

09.  Mover  ‘White Not Blue’  Self-released

“Lot of people forgot ‘bout Mover but he’s one of the originators in the UK swing ting.”

10.  Evanescence  ‘Bring Me To Life’  Wind-Up

“I don’t listen to rock but this tune’s cold — the gal is bad.”


This month, Irish DJ Cromby adds Rekids to his release catalogue — joining the likes of Feel My Bicep and Unknown To The Unknown — via the ‘Twisted Future’ EP, four techno cuts packed with propulsive kicks and whimsical synths. Having honed his DJ skills as a resident for Shine in his hometown of Belfast, and with legendary extended sets at Panorama Bar in Berlin (where he now lives), Cromby knows a thing or two about picking out tracks, so we asked him to do just that.

01.  Rudolf C  ‘Shake & Hold’  Craigie Knowes

“Big fan of absolutely everything Rudolf C has been putting out and this release is no different, bleepy synth lines phase and morph throughout an absolute rolling bassline and shaking hats. Banger.”

02.  Roman Flügel  ‘Pattern 8’  Ongaku

“Recently repressed via Sister Midnight, this is essential Flügel. Proper club music, triple LP stacked with tools built for the club.”

03.  Roza Terenzi  ‘Stylish Tantrum’  Step Ball Chain

“Absolute energy, one for when you’re looking to absolutely wreck the place when the party’s in full swing.”

04.  Bodin  ‘TwinsV’  Traffic

“An absolute wiggle of a bassline that sits on top of a solid foundation of stomping 909 drums. Goes for days and doesn’t get old, once the strings hit its euphoria.”

05.  Cromby  ‘IXP 42’  Rekids

“Been playing this in my sets for the best part of the last two years pre-corona. Always goes off and really happy that it’s found a great home and is out this month on Rekids!”

06.  Katerina  ‘Pinnochio’  Bizzaro World

“Slow-burning, fizzing acid builds and builds to an absolute stomping crescendo. This is one for when the club’s reaching capacity and you need to take it up a notch.”

07.  SPOK  ‘Morchang’  Enchanted Rhythms

“Lovely fresh slice of jiving UK garage coming from the Berlin-based Enchanted Rhythms label.”

08.  Kosh  ‘The Infinite Loop’  Convergence

“A driving dubby slice of house music that you can’t go wrong with, from Kosh on his new label. Great tool for anyone’s record bag to keep the crowd ticking over.”

09.  Detroit’s Filthiest  ‘Programmed To Kill’  Bass Agenda

“Dark machine electro that is drenched in funk — what’s not to love?”

10.  Viewtiful Joe  ‘Space Fonk’  Casa Voyager

“Another slice of lovely playful electro that’s inspired by video games of old. Casa Voyager rarely misses and this is another hit!”