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Siggy Smalls’ ultimate beachside selections for DJ Mag & BULLDOG Gin

Siggy Smalls’ ultimate beachside selections for DJ Mag & BULLDOG Gin

Following this weekend's DJ Mag & BULLDOG Gin House Party, which featured sets from Roger Sanchez, Siggy Smalls and Frankie Wah, Siggy Smalls selects her ultimate beach-party selections...

Roy Davis Jr ft Peven Everett ‘Gabriel (Live Garage Version)’

"This transatlantic sound is an absolute winner and had me dancing on many beaches around the world. Its a golden gem in my collection."

Lovebirds ‘Want you in my soul’

“One of my all time favourite songs ever, there’s never a better time to hear this song on a beach during sunset with a loved one. So many special moments shared with this song, I get goosebumps every time I hear the intro.” 

Black Coffee feat. Bucie ‘Superman (Original Mix)‘

“Smooth vocals from Bucie. It’s the perfect song to wind down to on the beach, sun shining with a cocktail in hand. This has to be one of my favourite tracks by Black Coffee.”

CamelPhat, Cristoph ‘Breathe ft. Jem Cooke (CamelPhat Just Chill Mix)’

“The ultimate zen song for the beach, watching the waves crash on shore whilst taking in some deep relaxing breaths...”

Shakedown ‘At Night (Afterlife Remix)’

“An absolute classic, that will never get old! This version is just so relaxing with a perfect little salsa touch. Always a pleasure to hear this song and never gets left out of any of my beach sets.” 

Myomi ‘Sun in my eyes (MJ Cole vocal Version)’

“Can you believe this song is 19 years old? Taking us back to summer 2001! I still love it like its the first time Ive heard it. Definitely one for the pool parties!”

Dennis Ferrer ‘How Do I Let Go’

“This track gets more plays from me than any other track on this list. There’s something about the beat and lyrics in this song that just grabs me! It’s a song I just love to listen when the sun is shining.”

Shaun Escoffery ‘Days Like This (Spinna & Ticklah Club Mix)’

“‘Days Like This’ is one of those tracks you have playing in the villa whilst on holiday with your pals. Lounging in the sun, having a laugh, creating some amazing memories with your loved ones.”

Live Element ‘Be Free’

“A song with a strong message. Its happy, its positive and it makes me want to dance in the sunshine!”

Afro Medusa ‘Pasilda’

“This song speaks for itself, timeless and definitely one that will get the party going! I can guarantee this song will have everyone dancing. Full of sultry salsa beats, combine ‘Pasilda’ with a gorgeous sunset and you have the perfect night.” 

Cassio Kohl ‘Broken’

“This track is perfect for the everyday music listener. It’s the perfect laid back ambient song to vibe to around the pool, the beach or just about anywhere."

Mija ‘Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)’ 

“I first heard this version of ‘Gypsy Woman’ by Mija a few months back and fell in love with it!  It’s an amazing cover with smooth tones. Imagine hearing this track by the sea, straight up chilling  whilst watching the world go by.”

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