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Magit Cacoon: Desert Island Kit

Magit Cacoon: Desert Island Kit

We find out the Israeli melodic techno artist's favourite piece of studio kit

Knee Deep In Sound and Be As One alumnus, Magit Cacoon's weaving techno is coated in her reverbed, delayed and effected vocals, providing an ethereal, stripped-back sound that's caught the attention of everyone from Sven Väth to Carl Cox and Dixon. We spoke to her to find out what piece of kit has pride and place in her studio. 

Elektron Analog Four

"When I come to the studio with a concept, I always like to use the Elektron Analog Four synthesizer, which is definitely my favourite piece of equipment. I love the fact the sound of it can be cold and alienating but nevertheless penetrates. I love the impact of it – it is so special and unique and gives me the ability to transfer what I imagine in my mind to the final result.

"I tweak presets as my starting points and then experiment with different routing. The effects are also great and the internal sequencer brings me tons of possibilities and options that open the mind and can be manipulated in ways I wasn't expecting or never thought I’d like.

"Sometimes it's hard to get exactly the sound that you have in your head but during in the process you always reach an unexpected and unusual result which is inspiring in its texture and layers - it can make almost every kind of sound. With their new software technology Overbridge, the integration is seamless and intuitive. Elektron Analog Four affects your state of mind because its sonic possibilities are mind-blowing!"

Catch Magit Cacoon playing at Movement Torino on 1st November alongside Brina Knauss at Milk Club