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BONA2018 | Breakthrough Label: Lee Foss' Repopulate Mars

BONA2018 | Breakthrough Label: Lee Foss' Repopulate Mars

Best Of North America 2018

No doubt one of the leading producers in the underground scene, Lee Foss’ rise to fame includes running the renowned Hot Creations imprint alongside Jamie Jones in addition to forming groups Pleasure State and Hot Natured. As of 2016, Foss added sole label head of Repopulate Mars to his long list of titles and accomplishments. The segue from party series to record label has proven to be a success for the brand, seeing as how it went on to unleash a whirlwind of releases that cater to the bevy of house heads and techno fans across the globe.

“I launched Repopulate Mars to start to tell the narrative of where we truly come from – from point A – music,” says Lee Foss. “I have big plans for it as a lifestyle brand and story, but it had to start with music because at a subatomic level we are all the waveforms that build and define the universe. After all you can't have the Big Bang, without a bang.” The result of the power-packed pow? Eli Brown, Solardo, Camelphat and Paolo Martini amongst others have dropped inimitable EPs attesting to Foss’ excellent ear for what’s next in dance music.

“I think the label was the perfect way to start to tell that story and to incorporate the best cutting-edge music I can find and produce. It was also a great way to offer an alternative to Hot Creations which is so popular that we simply can't release more than a fraction of the songs that we like and would like to sign; and it was good for me to create a brand that had an identity of its own,” Foss adds.

For the balance of the year, Foss tells us he has “huge plans for releases with core artists like Detlef, Eli Brown, Shiba San and myself, as well as newcomers like Michael Bibi, Jay De Lys, and a rapper I signed from back home in Chicago... Mal Rainey.” The undeniable force behind Repopulate Mars is one of which will continue to thrive in the years to come.