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With Dimitri From Paris & more

When we opened the Sunday paper earlier this year to find the headline 'HORSE MEAT TESCO' (on retrospect, perhaps with a colon), DJ Mag got very excited. Some of the world's best parties have taken place in shops. Berlin's Tresor moved to an abandoned department store in '88. We once saw Wolf & Lamb play in an old food market in Hackney. So a big gay knees up in Tesco? “That's genius,” we thought. The dour, sober clutches of modern day consumerism flipped upside down.

All colours, creeds, sexes and sexualities, letting loose on the same turf where previously the 'Finest' example of a hot, sweaty rave was a plastic pot of microwaveable mash potato. “'Brilliant!,” we spraffed all over our Cheerios...

But, alas, no. The opposite was in fact true. Sullenly, we read how the public had (again) been lied to. In a sinister bid to maximise profits, traces of horse meat had been found in our burgers, lasagnes and other (cheap) products claiming to be beef, thus setting in motion a worldwide debate about the sanctity of our rights as consumers, and so on... No mention of a well-endowed, disco-loving stallion anywhere (sad face)!

With relief, then, we present this double-headed party on Saturday 10th August, where the meat on the menu will be honestly labelled, and all about the glitter ball. Lassoing the Horse Meat Disco crew as part of the ongoing XOYO Loves series, London's most famous gay night will come to South Place Hotel for a session during the day (2pm - 9pm), before moving into the night to XOYO (9pm – 3am), with Dimitri From Vegas and dOP on the saddle alongside the Horse Meat residents. Put that in your Findus lasagne and bake it!

“Ten years ago my partner James Hillard was sorting through a pile of newspapers when he came across a headline 'Horse Meat DISCOvered in salami' which had been partially obscured. That right there is where we got the name Horse Meat Disco, and where we get our weekly Horse Meat from!”

"It's a bit of a tricky subject... When I was a kid on summer camp I told a girl that in France they eat horses (my French teacher had reliably informed us at school) and the girl burst into tears and spent about two days severely traumatised. I did try horse Carpaccio style once in Italy and it was very tasty. Sorry about that, girl from summer camp."

“We’re very lucky French people (we think English too). The population has just discovered that in some frozen lasagne (which is supposed to be 100% beef) was in fact made of Romanian horse. We’re definitely not horse eaters though."