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Make your friends green with NV this Christmas...

DJ Mag and Numark are giving you a way to be the envy of your friends this Christmas with a chance to win a Brand Spanking New NV Serato Controller! Yes its Christmas and as a result we thought we would indulge in some festive cheer and merriments. Cos it’s the season to be jolly…

Numark's latest onslaught on the world of DJing takes the form of their NV controller which is a sleek slimline controller for Serato DJ packed to the rafters with new features and cutting edge technology. The NV is an all-in-one controller with a mixer and two deck sections. But the ace in the pack is that each deck section has a 4.3 inch full colour LCD display integrated into the streamlined chassis promising DJs the opportunity to spend more time engaging with the controller and less time staring at laptop screens. These screens give full colour waveform information as well as fantastically clear real time visual representations of Serato DJ's features such as FX controls, cue points and track library navigation.

The NV borrows more than a few features from Numark's rather wonderful NS7II controller including spinning virtual decks, touch activated controls and two banks of eight multicolour back lit trigger pads.  For your chance to win this rather wonderful piece of kit send an email with your details and a festive reason as to why you should be the lucky winner to