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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

Master Shortie gives us an insight into his take on style...

What you wearing right now?

"A green New Era hat, acid wash skinny jeans, a pair of Nike Air Max, a Lazy Oaf t-shirt and a Vivienne Westwood bear!"

Describe your style.

"Where high fashion meets the streets! My style is like my music, I take influences from different areas and put them together to create what works for Master Shortie."

Favorite designers?

"I really like Vivienne Westwood, she has the ability to create cuts that no-one else could make work. Another one of my favourites is Trapstar, they manage to make old trends new. Marc Jacobs does some really cool stuff, he is great with colour; the same is true of Comme Des Garcons. When I'm in the US I always pop to Kid Robot to check out the jumpers, they have some fresh designs. I also love Alife, they make brilliant trainers."

Favorite boutique?

"The Alife Store in NYC; it's in two halves (one for Alife and one for other labels). It's not the most obvious place to find but worth the adventure when you get there! The NYC Comme Des Garcons store is amazing. It's in the heart of Chelsea and there are no other shops around it so you think you are totally off the beaten track. When you go in it's like a cave, its always quiet and quite a different shopping experience."

How do you like to shop?

"I like to shop on my own, usually around central London. I shop in high street stores for basics but also all sorts of exciting shops off side roads and slightly off the busy areas. I shop a little online at places like wesoldout.com but I always like to try things on in the shop. I know enough people that have been let down by ebay with dodgy goods!"

Most treasured possession?

"My mind, without it I'd be lost! I try not to get too attached to clothes and possessions because if you lose them or they get messed up it's really annoying. I love my pink Alife trainers but I can't wear them too much as they are quite delicate and are already quite worn down!"

What are you up to?

"I'm working hard on my website at the moment - mastershortie.com - and polishing off my debut album 'A.D.H.D'. I am getting a band together for some live shows which I'm really looking forward to."