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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

Steve Angello connects us to his style dial.

What you wearing right now?

"I'm wearing a jacket from Denim Is Everything, t-shirt from Morphine Generation. Jeans from True Religion, and my sneakers are ZX from Adidas."

Favourite designers, brands?

"I love Prada.! It's probably one of my favourite brands around, I love the straight design and material choices. I have to say that the Adidas ZX series is one of the only shoes I love! I have every color there is and I'll keep on getting them until they stop me! Morphine generation is also a brand I use all the time, the t-shirts are amazing! I have around four hundred and fifty t-shirts so it's hard for me to pick one brand but the one I have the most of is Morphine."

Favourite store/boutique?

"That's also a hard question to answer, cos I travel about two hundred and twenty days a year and I go shopping in LA, NY, Tokyo, London, Paris and Milano to mention a few places, and I try not to go to the same store twice as most of them hold the same brands. So I just go to different stores all the time, but in Stockholm it has to be Artilleri2 or maybe just the Adidas originals store."

How do you shop? Often, online?

"I shop all!!! I love shopping, I guess it's something you do when you travel alot, even though it's the same crap in every city, online I would say revolveclothing.com. I also get alot of clothes for free from stores and companies that want me to use them in public."

Most treasured possession?

"I have to say my Audemars Piguet watch, it's a model called Off Shore in rose gold, I just love it!"

What are you up to?

"Well just making plans for 2008 and working on remixes, releases and the new compilation series . Other then that I'm just trying to do as many gigs as possible and rocking every club I get myself in to!"