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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

Tom Findlay gives us a sneaky peek into his look...

What are you wearing right now?

"White tshirt, Converse, blue jeans, it's homewear, even Liz Hurely can't be glamorous all the time."

Who are your favourite designers / labels?

"I've got a Missoni shirt which is brilliantly bling, jeans from Sirius seem to work nicely. Fred Perry and Lyle and Scott are certainly on the money with the knitwear, especially if you like a cardie, and trust me I do."

Favourite boutique or store?

"Urban Outfitters is all over the UK so when I'm on tour and down to my last clean(ish) outfit then I know where to go. And they have tunes there too, it's a no brainer. Other shops I like are Top Man, Selfridges, the usual. I also loved Fopp till they went under, now that's a tragedy."

How do you shop, online etc?

"Here, there and everywhere. Definitely online for those bits you know you need like in my case size 10 Converse. I do also occasionally employ the talents of a 'stylist'. I know that makes me sound like a bit of a c**t, but they get you some great deals on gear and it's like having a personal shopper, which is a luxury in life I've always dreamed of having. Don't rule it out."

Favourite site / blog?

"The Cambridge United homepage, groovearmada.com, www.juno.co.uk for vinyl, Beatport for downloads. I like Pop Justice, they were nice about our 'Song4mutya' but the people that write it and read it don't pull any punches so if you can't take criticism then don't go there."

Most treasured item and why?

"My trumpet. Cos one day I'm finally going to learn how to play it properly. Clothes wise it's a shirt made by Jil Sander, which is 'the shirt' really, and a penguin zip up jacket that goes with anything. I have a lot of great cardies, though there is one from Fred Perry that I can't imagine life without."

What are you up to?

"Alot. Just finished mixing the 'Watch The Ride' comp for Harmless, we have a GA10 album that'll celebrate a decade clinging on in dance, and we've got a tour in the UK in November. The live band are really cooking now so miss that one at your peril. Then it's touring in Europe and NYE on Bondi Beach, which should be a moment we'll want to bottle. Lovebox was amazing this summer and will be even better next year, and we have plans to launch it worldwide."