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Jonny from Toronto duo Art Department tells us what makes him tick...

Capturing the feeling of an after party that seems to morph from its fresh morning beginnings into the next night in the blink of an eye, Art Department's “Sun Comes Up” single (out now on No. 19 Music) ironically closes a chapter in its history, marking the last track to draw from the sonic palette of its debut 2011 album, The Drawing Board, before the band went back to just that. 

With their follow up pencilled for 2014 on Crosstown Rebels, Toronto duo Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White are likely to have a few tricks up their sleeves again to ensure that round two is equally as anticipated.

If you want to guess as to what it'll sound like, we'd say check out BPM001 (out January 27 on No. 19), the debut compilation from the Mexico-based festival, which is mixed by Art Department.
Featuring Berlin-based Mind Against's remix of “Sun Comes Up,” alongside one of 2013's breakthroughs, Tenwalls, plus Deetron, Eric Volta – with his massive “Love Your Illusion” - Louie Fresco, and many more, it's a grander, more extrovert sound reflecting their ever growing stature.
It also captures the glorious atmosphere of BMP itself, whose January date provides a welcome dose of winter sun alongside a line-up packed full of the best DJs in the world.

First ever rave experience?
“I evolved backwards and started with clubs at a ridiculously young age, before going to raves with a much older crew I was hanging out with back then. My first rave was about '96 at The Guvernment in Toronto, which was a brand new venue at the time. It was a Better Days (one of Toronto's bigger rave production companies) show called Milk & Honey with Sasha and Laurent Garnier.”

What is the most crucial record of all time?
“Wow, that's a loaded question. If we were teaching a class here, maybe Elvis Presley's first single on Sun Records from '55 with 'Blue Moon of Kentucky' and 'That's All Right.' For me, personally, maybe Jimmy Hendrix's first album Are You Experienced from '67. I guess you're gunning for something electronic, so let's go Daft Punk's Homework. It might be a bit cliche now but let's face it, that's about as good as it gets.

Name three tunes that never leave your bag?
“Will Saul 'Animal Magic (DJ T remix),'Luciano 'Octagonal,' and Round Three 'New Day.'”

What's your lights-up, end of night tune? And why?
“It changes every night. Depends what the room looks like, how many people, how many of them are female, but it's kind of 'guilty pleasure time.' It could be anything from Crazy P's 'Never Gonna Reach Me' or Angie Stone's 'Wish I Didn't Miss You' to 'Do It Now' by Dubtribe Soundsystem. If we've downed more than one bottle of Jack it could be The Smiths.”

If you could meet anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?
“Bob Marley.”

Imagine the world is going to end tomorrow. What are you going to do tonight?
“Dinner with my pops, party with my friends, fall asleep with the one that got away...”

Please give us three words to describe your life?
“At the moment... Fast, passionate, stimulating.”