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USB thieves on the loose!

USB thieves on the loose!

Art Department rue memory stick theft as Blawan too falls victim

News surfaced last night that Art Department and Blawan both had USB sticks stolen from booths this weekend, following a series of incidents involving Lee Foss, Soul Clap among others.

Crosstown Rebel's dirty funk duo Jonnie White and Kenny Glasgow were in Turin, Italy, over the weekend where they had music stolen, a post on their Facebook last night revealed:

“Big thanks to the person who stole our USB stick out of the booth while we were DJing tonight in Torino. Still don't quite understand the logic behind paying to see an artist you enjoy and in the in the same instance, deciding to steal from them. This has happened to close friends such as Lee Foss and Soul Clap to name a few and is nothing but discouraging and embarrassing. It's really unfortunate that these people exist in our scene. Thank god for the other 99.9% who inspire us and make this career so gratifying and worthwhile day in and day out... Love you guys and everyone who waited for us in Torino tonight!”

Meanwhile, also last night, Jackmaster hit back at another chump who nabbed a stick after Blawan's set at Subclub, Glasgow:

“Someone stole Blawan's USB stick outta the CDJ on Friday? That's out of line,” he complained on his Facebook page, to add: “Pass it over though once you're finished with it?”

Comments below the post speak of Oneman's HD getting swiped and Lee Foss' laptop getting taxed. Aside from the obvious assertion these people have no place in dance music and deserve to be strapped to a chair and played Daphne and Celeste on repeat until they beg for forgiveness, it is clear more needs to be done to ensure booths are staffed with tighter security, so our fair DJs can do what they do without having to worry about skanky tea leafs stealing their equipment. Honestly, these people call themselves music-lovers. The shame of it!