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Firepower Records duo gives ‘Endlessly’ away only on DJ Mag

Dubstep duo Truth have gone from strength to strength since being picked up by Mala back in '09, with a stream of successful releases on what looks like a who's who of reputable dubstep labels, including and not limited to: Deep Medi, Tempa, Boka, GetDarker, Wheel & Deal, Black Box, Artikal, Tuba, New Moon — and now, Firepower?

A mix of emotive yet subwoofer-blowing sounds, which emanate from the New Zealand duo, Truth, made up of Andre Fernandez and Tristan Roake, are both gripping and steadfastly unique. Paving a way all their own, Truth is an act to watch in the coming months.

Following their huge new album 'Hollow World', Truth has given the heavy-hitting track 'Endlessly' to DJ Mag for an exclusive download. Laden with bold emotional prowess and deep, skull- and body-rattling basslines, the aftershocks incurred from this tune could be endless.

Grab it for free now: