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Trailer Trash come out fighting

Trailer Trash come out fighting

East End rave-box in 6th Birthday DJ battle - 3rd April

Having clocked up six years of all-night raves, warehouse parties and tranny-related antics, last year saw Trailer Trash up-sticks from weekly venue On The Rocks to host bigger, badder events than ever.

So the rave-kids are sure to be out in force for its birthday celebration on Easter Sunday 4th April at Bocking Street Warehouse.

Lining up ten of it’s hottest past guests and residents, including Batty Bass’ Hannah Holland, Skull Juice, Gutterslut’s Per QX and Disco Bloodbath’s Dan Beaumont, the club draws on the East End’s fine tradition of scrapping in a ring, lining the competitors up for a series of DJ face-offs from which only champion will emerge, chosen by the cheering crowd.

Ringside comperes are tranny threesome Johnny Woo, A Man To Pet and Ma Butcher while visual upstart Prickimage provides the kaleidoscopic eye-candy on huge screens around the venue.

We caught up with resident DJ, Trailer Trash co-founder (alongside Dan Trailer), and co-owner of the - adopting Zoolander voice - ‘so hot right now’ Dalston Superstore, Miki Most.

Looking back on six years of dirty, bass-fuelled madness what are you favourite printable memories from over the years? And apart from the Trailer friends and family, who’ve been the best guests?
It's tough because there really are so many!  Definite highlights would include our Prison Rave in an old 18th Century Dungeon that was so hidden underground that even the police couldn't find us to shut it down; our first amazing boat party with a few hundred trannies sailing under Tower Bridge waving a the tourists; and our tent at the first Shoreditch Festival, which was basically a large sun umbrella but ended up pulling the biggest crowd of the day and turning into a total rave with everyone going nuts with whistles and airhorns -  a really special moment.

We've had so many great DJ's come and play for us over the years too that it's hard to single out individuals, but Crookers were pretty phenomenal and absolutely rocked one of our warehouse parties a few years ago with about 1000 people moshing to them which pretty memorable!!

This year’s birthday has the very East End theme of boxing. How does you think you’ll fare going head-to-head against Hannah Holland and what not-so-secret weapons will you be throwing into the ring? Plus, aside from yourself, who’s your hush-hush tip to win?
Well we thought we'd take it back to our roots for this birthday and get all our favourite East End Trailer DJ's together and have a big DJ battle to see who would come out on top. I’m currently sweating it out in the gym daily to get in shape for my match against Hannah, which I know will be tough.  It will be important to keep moving in the ring to avoid her big batty bass body punches but I think my techno left hooks and rave jabs will ultimately triumph on the night! Of course I can't reveal my secret weapons but there will be a few surprises, that's all I'm saying, and my hush-hush tip on the side might be Joe & Will Ask? as being producers I suspect they will be editing some of their own bootlegs for some extra big punches. All I do know is that all ten DJs will be playing out of their skins to beat each other and it's gonna be one hell of a battle!  

Old Street has changed so much since you started and last year you left On The Rocks after open Dalston Superstore. How’s life as an actual venue owner? And if Dalston is the new Shoreditch, where’s the new Dalston?
Yes, it's true Shoreditch has definitely changed a lot since we started back in 2003! The main reason we finished at On The Rocks was because we felt we didn't really want to be based there anymore. Moving Up to Dalston and opening the Superstore has been amazing and meant we have been able to keep the underground vibe that has made Trailer Trash so special to our crowd.

It's certainly a lot different running a venue now than just promoting a party, and a lot harder work, but it's great because ultimately you can do what you want and after years of having to deal with stupid club owners and broken soundsystems it's been absolutely brilliant!  

Discovering where the next new place I will leave up to other people to be honest... at the moment I’m just enjoying being part of a great new scene that is emerging in and around the Dalston area. In a few years time who knows where everyone will want to go out - Stamford Hill probably! 

About three years ago there was talk of a Trailer Trash compilation. Is it ever going to happen?
Well we'd all still love to do one but it's just with everyone being so busy it's finding the time, and with the way music sales are at the moment it's definitely a lot tougher to sell compilation albums than it was a few years back. But never say never… the hardest bit would be trying to decide what goes on it - there are just too many great tunes,


Hannah Holland vs. Mikki Most
Joe & Will Ask? vs. Ian Robinson
Per QX vs. We’re Not Cool!
Skulljuice vs. Rokk
The Lovely Jonjo vs. Dan Beaumont

Bocking St Warehouse
E8 3RL

10pm - 6am

£8 earlybird / £10 Advance / £12 on the night

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