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Top VJ Launches Course

Top VJ Launches Course

If you're interested in VJing, you could sign up to join a course headed by one of the world's greatest VJs Olivier Sorrentino.

VJ Anyone (Olivier Sorrentino), the international VJ and audiovisual expert, has set up acourse for people wishing to get into the world of VJing.

The one-day course takes place in Soho, London on October 14th and is aone-off, but Sorrentino hopes to make it a regular fixture in the future.

A spokesperson from 01zero-one, the company organising the course withOlivier said: "This is aimed at those looking to explore VJing, and to getsome tips from one of the best VJs in the world.

"We've only got one date planned for now, but we're looking at doingfour-day courses too."

The course costs £110, and for your money you get an overview of VJinghistory from Olivier, plus tips on how to make demos, and how to performlive.

No experience is necessary, but attendees should have a working knowledge ofcomputers, and a genuine enthusiasm for working with moving images in anexperimental way.

For tickets and to enrol online visit: