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Top 100 DJs 2012

Top 100 DJs 2012

President of Slovenia votes UMEK for Top 100 DJs

International opinion surrounding our Top 100 DJs poll might be divided but most would agree global politics is more important. This week, however, the two worlds combined when Dr Danilo Türk, the Slovenian president, announced he'd voted for Umek in our Top 100 DJs poll.

For the first time in the history of the poll, a leading political figure has publicly backed a DJ, urging fellow countrymen and dance music fans worldwide to do as he has done, and vote for Umek.

In a statement aired live on prime time Slovenian TV and posted on Youtube, he said:

“Dear friends, we live in a difficult time. Where there is disagreement, there is harmony. Instead of destruction we need creativity. When we encounter confusion, we call for rhythm. Music is a universal language. It can bring us together in peace, love, unity and respect. Umek strands for all that. That is why I am voting for him in DJ Mag's Top 100. And so should you.”

According to Umek, the origins of the story traces back to a presidential campaign during which Türk visited the DJ during an event and pledged his support.

“I guess not all politicians break their promises,” said Umek. “He remembered what he said to me that night and this act of support proves that our president can keep his promise. It’s nice to have a true supporter on the very top of my country.”