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Streets ahead

Streets ahead

Make way for the grand old Duke...

You know how it is… when you buy a T-shirt you don't really want to see every dude and his mate wearing the same as your chosen attire. Which is precisely why, when a new brand hits the streets, you should get in there quick and beat the pack.

Council Dukes is a new label put together by DJ, producer and vagabond (and now chief T-shirt designer) David Silverman. The label pays homage to guys that want to get to the top, the meanest bullies in the yard, and the smart guys that always win out.

Each design in limited to 100 T-shirts, up for sale now on their eBay shop. Just type in Council Dukes and bosh is your uncle.

Alternatively, to win one, fire over an email with all your details to or do it the old skool way with a postcard addressed to DJmag at the usual Brick Lane address