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01. Modular Eurorack
“This is the most recent addition to our studio set-up, and also the centrepiece of our new live sets. It's a fantastic sonic monster but very temperamental, as easy to lose a great sound as it is to find one. We have already spied additional units, and the second rack has already started.”

02. Roland SH101
One of our old favourites — it's a classic monophonic analogue synth, which we’ve just had fully refurbished. It's got new keys, faders, knobs and has had a good cleaning — and she sounds as good as ever. A truly distinctive bit of kit, it's just missing the ‘80s handle grip.”

03. Sequentix Cirklon
Can’t stop raving about this. Built in our home town by the enigmatic Colin Fraser, it's a multi-track hardware sequencer with great connectivity and 'tweakability' — the big brother of the earlier P3. It's very hard to source but rapidly becoming a firm favourite with many an adventurous producer.”

04. Ableton
Our go-to software programme now — super-stable, very fast workflow, great onboard instruments and effects, excellent drums and sample packs, dramatically improved sound quality with every upgrade over the years, and rapid adoption by many artists. Simply a must-have, in our humble opinion.”

05. Yamaha TX802
“This is a rack version containing two DX7 MK2s in a box (allegedly, we’ve been told). It's a real pain to edit due to its minimal programming interface, but it does have two built-in plastic maps — which help greatly (not!). The classic Digital FM sounds have always come in and out of fashion, but for us it's a truly iconic and individual sound source.”